Amazon Launches The Developer Preview of Your Fire OS 5-Based Lollipop

Amazon is starting to pave the way for its next range of Fire HD tablets, which would come to the market during the second half of this year. A very important step along this way is the get that the fork of Android that equips them itself at the height of the circumstances and the rest of devices on the market.

That is why Amazon has decided to announce a Developer Preview of Fire OS 5 release, the next version of its operating system. With this move, they want to get help from developers so that, come the time of the launch of the new devices, new Amazon tablets do not have any problems when it comes to be able to use any of the many applications of the Android ecosystem.

Following the setback suffered by the failure of its first smartphone, the Fire Phone, that everything goes well with the launch of its new tablets is vital for Amazon, more reason to want to involve in the development of Fire OS all users of the Fire HD 6 and 7 that launched in September of last year.

Fire OS 5 is based on Android Lollipop, and Amazon wants to preserve maximum compatibility with all Android applications. If you’re a developer you can find all the information you need to access Fire OS 5 Developer Preview at this link. But if you don’t have any of their tablets, Amazon will offer you the possibility to get one with a $50 discount.