All Love Leds-Insects Also

LEDs are a great invention. So great that this year there was even a Nobel Prize for it. They are more efficient and consume less energy than normal incandescent light bulbs and can help to reduce the material consumption for lighting.

Beetle Of Love Leds

However, not only we humans find great the LEDs, also insects (especially beetles) feel attracted to this, even more than for conventional lighting. Unfortunately, this is not good news, since this could lead to protracted problems in different ecosystems.
Found out this is a study that has examined the difference between LEDs and the usual sodium lamps (the yellow street lights). This was stuck sticky paper on the lamps and checked how much insects there stick. After counting the insects, it turned out that on the paper led 48% glued more insects, as on the sodium vapor lamp.

Blue Light

But why like beetle the LEDs so much? That insects find attractive yellow or white light, anyone who has ever sat with a lamp under the open sky (or with an open window) knows. Even more love insects blue light. Many white LEDs are actually blue, but these have a yellow phosphor layer, which results in white light in the end. Insects have special photoreceptors with which they can see the blue light in the white.

The problem which arises from this, is that LEDs insects, could attract in urban areas increased, what disturbs the natural processes (in particular the food chain). An increased insect infestations in plants could arise from this or the spread of harmful insects.
LEDs are so effective and energy-saving, researchers see the need between a collaboration of ecologists and engineers, to develop future LEDs or light technology, which entail minimal effects in the ecosystem.