Alarm Clock Sunrise: Our Top 3

Manage Your Rest Naturally

Dawn Simulator…

When do you wake up, you feel like you’ve hardly slept? Does it cost a world to get up? An effective remedy: the dawn alarm clock. Knowing that sleep is a third of our life, we can understand the essential role that rest plays for our health. With the  progressive light alarm clock our brain receives a signal to begin the stage of awakening. As the light intensifies, an electrical activity informs the brain to begin the transition from stage to complete awakening. In this way your day begins well with a natural awakening.

…And Twilight

In the same way that the dawn alarm clock helps you to wake up, the device also favors the reconciliation of sleep. Twilight simulation is also possible by choosing duration and intensity. Your rest will improve significantly if you prepare the sleep phase naturally, as for the awakening.

How To Choose Your Alarm Clock Dawn Light

Before choosing your alarm clock, there are certain criteria that you have to consider regarding the use you want to give.

Adjusting The Light

The most important part of the dawn alarm clock lies in the intensity of the light. So the first selection criterion directly affects the bulbs. It is important to have “Spectrum Natural” light bulbs that light up progressively to minimize eye fatigue. In terms of power, these are 60W lamps that return a maximum of 350 lux (light intensity flow).

Next, you have to keep in mind that each person has their own pace to get up. Therefore it is important that the sunrise simulator allows to regulate the duration of both the awakening and bedtime stages.Depending on the model you choose the duration can vary from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. The intensity of the light adapts to the marked rhythm, you can even change the intensity during programming.

The different alarm clocks of the existing dawn allow you to program them according to the needs: duration of dawn, intensity of light.Choose that alarm clock with a greater range of adjustments to be able to modify at will the phases of awakening and conciliation of the dream.

Aesthetics And Supplementary Functions

Another criterion that comes into play when choosing your alarm clock with progressive light is the design. Having an aesthetic that fits with the decoration of the room is an important point for many users.

A sunrise simulator is primarily an alarm clock, so it has the basic functions of an ordinary alarm clock, such as the radio function. The radio can replace the awakening with light, or complement the simulation of the dawn. Enjoy also predetermined melodies like the song of the birds to add more naturalness to your awakening.

To lie down you can choose between the sound of the sea or the wind.The latest alarm clocks have an extra feature: white noise. This reduces noise and provides calm for a high quality sleep. Some devices also have an MP3 player that allows you to listen to your favorite music.

Top 3: The Best Dawn Alarm Clocks

Progressive Light Alarm Beurer WL 30

With its cubic design, the Beurer WL 30 progressive light alarm clock is both aesthetic and practical: it simulates the sunlight for the most natural and progressive awakening. Like a traditional alarm clock, the device is equipped with a radio function and several melodies. Your wake up will be more enjoyable thanks to the possibility of starting the day with 4 different sounds of nature: bird singing, croaking frogs, rain or wind.

Each one has its own habits when waking or lying down, which is why the Beurer alarm clock allows to adjust the luminous intensity in 3 levels. At the level of readability, the color of the screen is adjusted according to the user’s taste and mood, being able to choose between blue or orange.

The alarm clock also simulates dusk thanks to the “good night” function with a dimmed light. It can also be used as a lamp for the bedside table. You can place it anywhere thanks to its size of only 120 x 145 x 120 mm and its small weight of 430 grams.

Alarm Clock With Beurer WL 32 Light

For small budgets, the Beurer brand has created the perfect WL 32 alarm clock for everyone who has trouble sleeping. Thanks to its progressive light that simulates the light of the sun, one wakes up little by little in a natural way, and the same happens at bedtime, thus facilitating the hours of sleep. The alarm clock has two alarms and a Snooze function to delay the alarm for up to 30 minutes.

As for the alarm, an included AUX cable allows to wake up with the best music. Also included is an MP3 player and up to 10 radio stations can be stored.

The sunrise alarm clock is a great advantage in terms of aesthetics: this small ball (10 x 10 x 19 cm) weighs only 181 grams, so you can transport it without complications to any place, for example during your travels. It is a perfect device for your room that besides acting as an alarm clock, also serves as ambient light, night lamp, stereo or radio.

Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulator Beurer WL 70

This Beurer WL 70 progressive light alarm clock is perfect for a sweet wake-up call. Thanks to its numerous functions, the Beurer alarm clock allows you to enjoy an alarm light, ambient light, table lamp and a music station. Progressive light has several colors and you can combine it with a sound alarm, either the radio or your favorite music.You can register up to 10 radio stations, or listen to one of your 4 pre-recorded melodies. The light diffuses evenly for a more natural sensation.

This Beurer WL 70 alarm clock is also available at with an option to listen to music from your smartphone. Just connect your phone to its USB and AUX port to wake up to your favorite music.