Affectionate Wedding Ceremony on the Beach of Mexico

Beautiful! – Many couples dream of a romantic wedding on the beach … Marissa & Diego have realized their dream and in a small circle experienced an unforgettable wedding on the beach of Mexico.

With summer orchids and deco in purple and white, the bride and groom created a unique backdrop for their wedding at the sea.Be inspired and dream of the beach and the sun in Mexico.

Dress up for the romantic wedding on the beach

With a band of bridesmaids the bride and groom prepared themselves for their great day.For the free wedding ceremony on the beach in a small circle, the bridegroom waived a warm jacket and dressed in a stylish, loose vest-pants combination.With the socks and the tie, Diego put casual accents in the style of the wedding color violet.

Affectionate Wedding Ceremony on the Beach of Mexico


Marissa’s beautifully dressed bridal dress was an excellent choice for the sensual wedding ceremony on the beach.With a marriage at the sea it can become very windy, so that open hair swirls quickly.A pretty diadem and some braces keep the beautiful hair splendor in the bridle and let the bride radiate.

Free wedding ceremony on the beach of Mexico

The emotional wedding took place directly on the beach in front of the backdrop of the summer, turquoise blue sea.With a traditional Mariachi band and typical Mexican tequila were the best conditions for a festive wedding celebration.

A beautiful point of the free wedding ceremony on the beach was the symbolic ceremony.With the custom, the bridegroom sealed his common future and at the same time created an artistic memorial.

A practical idea of the bride was the renouncement of shoes.Instead, Marissa wore so-called barefoot sandals on her naked feet in violet.

Emotional couple shooting in the sunset

Visibly in love Marissa and Diego enjoyed their personal couple shooting after the wedding on the beach.The memorable photos in the sunset were breathtakingly beautiful and for the loving bridal couple one of the most beautiful gifts for the start in the married life.

Fresh wedding decoration with violet orchids

The special table decoration with floating orchids in high vases is artfully matched to the theme of wedding ceremony on the beach.The combination with beautiful street elements makes the girlish wedding decoration a true princess fairy tale.

Purple-white Callas made a fresh unit in the bridal bouquet with bright-violet roses.The delicious wedding cake for the wedding on the beach was matched with silver fondant in the style of the lace of the wedding dress and purple accents on the wedding colors.

An oozing celebration with emotional moments

With an emotional speech and an artistic dance, the bridal couple surprised the guests with unforgettable moments.At the beach hotel in Mexico, the unforgettable wedding ceremony on the beach was celebrated with a cheerful party until the night.