Advantages of a FLEXIBLE Fishing Rod

On several occasions, I’ve noticed that many fishermen, early use any fishing rod, both at sea and in fresh water. As you already know, my main goal is that you learn more information as possible so that you can develop yourself as an experienced fisherman, and the learning curve will cut at least 50%; that’s why I decided to write this article to show you which are the advantages that it possesses a fishing rod flexible. You pay attention because it is very important what I explain…

Why is it necessary to choose a flexible cane?, well… first of all flexibility from the shank you must measure it through the same pointer, i.e. tries to observe that the tip is the finest possible and to bend it with your hands, you feel that it has good flexibility as such. It is important to note that although the fishing rod you are using action medium, light or power, has to possess the primary characteristic of being FLEXIBLE in the pointer, this helps a lot in fishing the banks, to increase the effectiveness in several aspects that I am going to show then.

Flexibility in the pointer will bring you considerable advantages on many factors:

1 going to allow a greater distance travelled when you make the lance with your rod; for good shooting affected by several factors, such as: the position you use, the weight of the lead that you used, the direction of the wind, the strength of the impulse, etc… BUT without leaving any doubt you, the flexibility of the pointer of your fishing rod is the main factor to achieve a longer range.

2 you will achieve a better movement with your artificial: you know that you need to be able to fool fish with artificial additions, that these, swimming are similar as possible to natural foods that feed these predators; If your fishing rod is rigid pointer, you are going to greatly hinder the work with the rapalas, pens, spoons, jigs, artificial worms, etc, therefore in this aspect in the pointer flexibility is also key, otherwise your percent of catches will drop considerably.

  1. the third point and in my opinion the most important in terms of the flexibility of the pointer, is that it will bring you a huge advantage when it comes to NAILING the fish, and when you pass the 3 lb will help you a lot for the tiredness of the same; Let me explain better… when your das a clavonazo with a flexible pointer, own flexibility helps the bait is key with more power at the mouth of the fish, which is why from the very beginning because ensures virtually capture. On the other hand if the fish is of good weight, the flexibility of your rod, together with the reel brake it is going to tire your prey in itself; without much effort on your part you will manage to capture even if you have a good size.

My advice in this case would be that if you are currently a rigid rod, you change it as soon as possible and you’ll see the positive thing that will result for catches. Never forget that you always explain what has given me result for years, I actually want you to learn to fish and I to be the stick where you can support for this mission. Your comments are important to me, if you liked the article or you have questions, write them and tell me how you did with your fishing rod change.


Experienced Yasel Dominguez – fisherman