Advanced LED Technology

Advanced LED technology that we are seeing currently is without doubt the greatest revolution for several decades in the lighting technology. Delta Light® plays a major role in the deployment of this new technology, with the design and manufacturing of its own LED lamps and LED innovative products and development of made-to-measure solutions, allowing the designers and users to learn to the best of the lighting possibilities that they could not even imagine in the past.

The constant development of LED technology offers new opportunities for efficient lighting in its energy consumption. Delta Light® plays a major role in the deployment of this new technology, with the design and manufacturing of its own lamps LED and the development of innovative LED products and customized solutions. The actual calculation of the cost is not limited to the cost of initial purchase, but also includes intelligent lighting control, life expectancy, the maintainability and the operating cost. Combining in-depth knowledge products and a wide range of energy efficient products and experiences in different sectors, Delta Light® solutions can guide the customer in a sustainable, ecological and economic selection.

without compromising the quality of lighting.

Optical performance

The LED of Delta Light engineering team leads a permanent quest to fulfill the aspirations of the company design in combination with energy efficiency and light quality. Thanks to a battery internal tests, a mastery of the product development and ongoing optimisation of the materials used, Delta Light® is able to provide architectural lighting that excels in terms of optical performance, durability and efficiency. Designers can give body to various lighting scenarios, the development to the ambient light through the wall lighting, orientation, or even lighting of open spaces, drawing on an extended collection of beams, filters, lenses and other accessories.

Return on investment

In view of their substantial decrease of consumption, energy, their production of minimum heat, their maintenance and their long service life proved that LEDs offer the best return on investment. The lamps and luminaires LED de Delta Light are designed to lower the amount of energy consumed per square metre, and considerable production capacities of the company allow him to target a high price/quality ratio. Delta Light expert team stands at your disposal to help you calculate the RSI specific to your project.