8 Things All Moms Hate

Being a mother is wonderful, with the birth of a child opens up a new world of learning and love.

8 Things All Moms Hate

Nothing compares to the moment we hold our children for the first month, on that day the infinite desire to defend and protect our children from everything and everyone is born within us.

Before we are mothers we do not understand some behaviors and attitudes of some mothers but then everything changes when we are mothers.

8 things that all mothers hate

Wake up the baby

The worst thing you can do is wake up a baby or child, they need to have their hours of rest and when they wake up before the time they get tired and grumpy.

Giving Advice on Baby Food

There are many theories about infant feeding, breastfeeding, LA use and the introduction of complementary feeding, no mother is better or worse than the other, right or wrong decisions are always from parents and no one should question them.

Give Child Food Without Asking

Still on the subject of food, almost all mothers hate to give their children food without first asking, older people are the hardest to convince a chocolate or bullet from time to time. This situation is even more serious when the child suffers from some food allergy.

May they ask why the baby is making tantrums

No matter how educated the child is, it makes tantrum part of the learning process and there is no child in the world who has never made a tantrum, mothers hate to ask why the baby or child is doing tantrum.

Make Comparisons

Another thing that makes others angry is to make comparisons with other children, each child has his / her growth rate, some learn faster to talk, to walk, to question a mother because the child still does not sit, does not walk or does not speak, or compare with the children or the children of the friends is very ugly.

Post photos on the net without authorization

Social networks are a reality today, but before posting photos of the children of others on Facebook, Instagram ask permission to parents, no mother likes to see photos of children exposed without your permission.

Ask if it’s a boy or a girl

Another thing that really hates them the most is when the child is dressed in pink, with a dress and a bow tie on her head, and they confuse her with a boy, the same happens when she is the opposite.

Take the baby off the parents’ lap

All mothers hate to take the child when they are crying, especially those who take the child from the arms of the mother or father to think that they have the gift of calming the child.

I could add many more things, but for today we are here.