8 Sure Tips for a Perfect Wedding!

Organizing a perfect wedding requires planning and a lot of dedication. If you have been asked to marry and are in the organizing phase with your fiancé, we will list 8 sure-fire tips for you to have an unforgettable party.

The most important tip of all is: plan all the details, because every detail makes all the difference. What’s more, marriage is a moment of yours and your fiancé’s, a single moment, a moment that must be memorable and eternal. Here are the tips for a beautiful party:

1 – Guest List

Set up a number of guests as this will interfere with the location of the ceremony, the party and your pocket, as well as get more accurate Buffet budgets.

2 – Closing Contracts

Before hiring any service, research and compare prices and only after several comparisons, close the contracts, considering not only price but also the quality and cost-effectiveness of each service, after all, the cheap can be expensive.

3 – Decoration

The decoration is fundamental part in a ceremony and party, is the identity of the couple and composes the whole image and aesthetics of the marriage. Choose the flowers, choose the predominant color that is in tune with the colors of the flowers, choose the bouquet and talk to the florist. Put everything in contract.

4 – Choice Of Dress

For choosing the perfect dress, it is necessary that you know what you want. Search the internet for the types, styles and fabrics of wedding dresses and choose the perfect one for you. In the doubt, accept tips from professionals of the area and always use the common sense, predominating your choice.

5 – Music

Choosing music is key to successful marriage. She should be in harmony with the style of your marriage. The tip and general rule is to know the work of the professional before hiring.

6 – Buffet

The buffet is responsible for much of a wedding’s expenses and is an essential part of a memorable party, so a good quality buffet and trained professionals should be chosen. Ideally, seek information about the service from the buffet with other couples who have already used it. Searching for referrals through the internet is also a good way.

Guests should be well served with good quality products and need to feel at ease. The tip is to close the contract with the buffet 6 months before the party.

7 – Save The Date

The Save the Date allows the guests can plan better and have booked a wedding date on their calendars. The ideal is to send in advance, in order to create a climate of expectation among friends until the official invitation arrives.

It is a modern and super fun way to engage guests to the party. It can be sent by virtual means such as e-mail and DVD’s or it can be printed and sent by Post Office. Use your imagination and dare!

8 – Innovate

How about innovating in your wedding and surprising the guests? Everything that comes out of the usual marks a party and transforms normal weddings into incredible modern and creative celebrations. You can use creativity and innovate in any aspect, such as overproducing marriage with photo-sensitive dance floors, special effects and other technological aspects.

Or, if you want the wedding to be surprising, and if you and your fiancé are willing, why not train a very lively dance and show the couple’s potential on the dance floor? There are companies that specialize in this and you and your fiancé can create a fun presentation for your guests. If you prefer, include the godmothers and godparents in the dance.