7 Tips For Choosing The Right Dress In The Fall/Winter Of 2016

Is a mistake to think that dress is to be used only in the summer. The fashion weeks around the world show that wear a dress in the winter is a strong trend. Check out some tips for choosing the best look and still protect the butterflies.

  1. Coat Style Templates

If you are the type of practice, nothing better to opt for a jacket style dress model. In addition to being high, guarantee a lot of sophistication and refinement. This type of dress typically has an envelope and modeling at the knee. The skirt is characterized by a style more ball and shot, besides the sleeves are long.

  1. Colors More Sober Predominate

Winter is the coldest season of the year, so it is very common that this season opt for shades of gray, black, Navy Blue, dark green and even the mustard. Are muted colors and elegant.

  1. Do Not Leave The Prints Out

Despite the prints be strong presence in the summer, they do not waste their space in winter. To create a perfect look, you need to make just a few changes. Prefer patterned dresses simpler, as POA, pied-de-poule and chess. If opt for floral prints, invistas in those that have smaller flowers and a sober Fund.

  1. Heavier Fabrics Are A Great Option

As the season’s cold and usually dresses let your legs out, heavier fabrics ensure comfort and heating. Invest in fabrics such as wool and the Sweatshirt or dresses with lining.

  1. Long Sleeve Is Trend

As the heavy fabric, long sleeve is an excellent Fireworks against the cold. They can still be an attribute to bring more charm to the look, with embroideries and applications.

  1. Short Don’t Leave

We live in a tropical country and the shorts don’t leave when the winter comes. The long winter dresses tend to be only the gala. Can show your legs and don’t forget the tips 4 and 5 not to be cold.

  1. Combine Coat And Dress

There are several possibilities. You can combine the dress with a bolero or casaqueto the same fabric of her dress, getting a look super fashionista or dressed in leather coat or jacket, for a simpler look and full of personality. If you are using a larger jacket, remember that the jacket and the dress must have the same size for visual stay in harmony.

Bonus tip: as your legs are discovered, opt for pantyhose. Thin, skin color, or black, they ensure lots of charm and glamour in that which is the most elegant station of the year.