7 Tips And Tricks For The Burning Of Candles

When you are using candles, make sure to know the following tips and tricks.

  • -Never burn light without a stir!
  • -The substrate/candlestick must be stable and refractory
  • -Make sure the wick is not more than 1 cm long-otherwise shorten it
  • -Pillar candles should preferably burn several hours at a time
  • -Do not place the light too close together or by other heat sources
  • -Hold the melted “stearic-puddle” free of Wick residues and dirt
  • -Is the flame too small: lights off, pour the excess wax off, switch on again

The Burning of Candles

Sooting -the primary problem completely by candlelight:

All candles soder, to a greater or lesser extent, and thus polluting the surroundings. With simple resources can, however, keep newspaper on a completely unproblematic level (provided of course that the light is of reasonable quality). It can easily be seen when a light ends during combustion.

Solve the problem immediately, because it rarely goes away by itself. The whole secret lies in the wick, which must be kept clean and, on the other hand, must be customize maps. If formed visible collections of dirt on the wick, Wick scraped clean. To prevent this you must make sure to keep the melted “stearic-puddle” free from dirt and possibly. Wick residues.

The wall must be a maximum length of 10 mm, in order to ensure the best possible combustion. You come by accident to make the wick too short, it will typically be reflected in that the flame does not really get started. Off as the light and luck in whole or in part the excess wax away so that the wick gets a little “air” again. Then turn on the light.

Especially on pillar candles should wick length be respected and we must count on having to trim wick regularly. On the other hand, tea lights and common taper candles and tapered candles very easy to deal with, since they rarely require any special attention. Read more on Wholesaleably.

The Burning of Pillar Candle