7 Ideas to Keep Illuminated at Night

The day before yesterday knew the result of a study by Philips between 6,000 parents and mothers of children between 3 and 10 years in 6 countries in Europe where the data are analyzed on the the children’s bedroom decor. The study reveals that nowadays only 29% of the children shared fourth, while in the previous generation, the percentage was above 50%, 30% of the children spends most of the time playing in his room and that 69% of parents strives to decorate the bedroom of the child above the other rooms of the House.

In addition, the study concludes that 25% of parents in Spain uses night lights in the rooms of children in the home and that everyone he knows do not nothing like the majority of children at bedtime absolute darkness. So today we do in Decoesfera compilation of ideas to keep illuminated at night the children’s bedrooms with different types of lamps and different ways of placing them.

With their favorite characters table lamps

Philips in particular has a collection designed in collaboration with Disney where lamps are inspired by some of the characters of children’s favorite drawings. That gives the kids great security, feel at his side during the night to one of their favorite and also illuminated dolls.

Classical forms of all night lights

More practical designs are probably the of table lamps. They can be left on the nightstand but also kids can take these small lamps and embrace them or play with them for a while before sleeping.

In the market there are models with all shapes and all sizes that we can imagine. Almost all of the firms dedicated to the decoration for the whole family in their catalogues have a section for night lights for children in the photos we can see the Drago and Philips Boletu models o IKEA SPOKA in the photo above.

One of my favorites is the Zara Home dinosaur lamp available in lots of colors. Another advantage of this type of lamps is its price, we can get lamps of this type from 10 euros approximately… now that we are on sale even less, the dinosaur model now costs 7.99 euros.

Garlands of lights on the headboard

We have another solution that is fantastic and very decorative to illuminate the bedrooms of children in light garlands for headboard, there are very simple designs with balls of light and other more elaborate with figures with animal shapes as we can see in the image below. These are Bel & Soph and its price is around 30 euros.

Lanterns that play with light

And if there is something to love most of the children are the headlights, to my of small I loved to read, stick a flashlight under the sheets according to growtheology.com, many times he did it unbeknown to my parents if they did not let me because it was late. The photo is a model from IKEA, is called LJUSA and costs only 3.99 euros, so it’s a fad that we cannot easily afford.

Soft and indirect light floor lamps

A floor lamp proper with a screen that will make the light that emits soft and warm also it can be adequate to keep the room illuminated at night, it can be placed next to the bed or in another corner of the room to make even more indirect light. Of the image of Maisons du Monde is a beauty.

Wall lamps or fixtures with Dim light

There are also beautiful designs of sconces and wall lamps with screens that prevent the flow of light emitted is very intense. In the photos we can see some models such as those who have form of House of Bel & Soph or the Moon and the stars of IKEA ideal for making compositions.

Play with the compositions and the location of lamps

When it comes to illuminate the room of the children think in different moments of the day and the activities that kids are going to develop there. It is not the same light for study, missing for the game, making overnight and that combining different types of light. Even at night, we can play with combinations of lamps table, lights or garlands by placing them in different positions.

The lights don’t go necessarily placed in the header or in the nightstand next to the bed. You can place the lights on the corners of the room, on the wall or even under the bed. It is not in this case provide a large flow of light but a soft and dim lighting that make children feel safe and rest happy and quiet during the night.