6 Amazing Ways to Use Your Maxi Skirt This Winter

Just because the temperatures dropped, doesn’t mean that your wardrobe needs to suffer. Between rain boots and thick jackets (which are very necessary, actually), it is very difficult to stay chic while you stay warm. But this can be easily solved.

One of our favorite pieces for the colder seasons is the maxi skirt, which can be combined with a flashy jacket and boots fun.
If you still do not know how to use the maxi skirt in the cold, we’ll show you six ways to use the play Brazilian this winter promises to be one of the more cold the past few years, huh?

1. change the tone

Use a maxi skirt emblazoned with bold colors and contrasting to balance a predominantly monochromatic look, or with basic colors, as the combination of black and white.
A good example is this look, with a floral print skirt that can bring more life to the predominant color, which is black, and the details that are white.

2. Combine with the cropped

A maxi skirt is a long piece. A cropped jacket is a short piece. When you read, it seems that they don’t match, but when you see the look mounted, perception can be completely different. The contrast in length, in addition to creating a look daring, can enhance your body. This is done mainly by the cropped jacket, which values and emphasizes the waist, especially if it is combined with a long piece underneath.

3. choose a combination of unusual colors

The choice, in this case, it was a bright blue skirt with a married flashy orange. The strong colors and contrasting only underscored the look which is very stylish and hardly would go unnoticed.
Don’t be afraid to abuse the colors and sound really “arrived”. Depending on the chosen pieces, they can go from casual events, to more social.

4. Think of the length

Always consider the length of your maxi skirt. It cannot be too short, or too long about to be dragging on the ground. The universal length and what matters most to him the body of the woman is the one who is more or less on the ankle.
Besides leaving the look better composed, you can show your shoes – which should be chosen taking the skirt into account, of course.

5. The shoe is an important element of the look with the maxi skirt

And speaking of shoes, they are in your look with long skirts. Contrary to what you may think, they should not be hidden behind the long piece.
In addition to choosing the skirts at the ankles, you can use those with side openings that let the shoes on display. Choose a skirt with neutral colors and a shoe with prominent elements, such as color and buckles. You don’t need much more.

6. Finish with a belt

The belt with the maxi skirt can have several functions:

-He can separate colors of different parts;
-He can break a look with contrasting colors, leaving the look lighter and more enjoyable;
-To enhance the silhouette of a woman, with her wide hips, small waist, or otherwise;
-Let the look more harmonious;
-Forming clothes chosen;
-Can be a cute, stylish accessory, radical … Just choose the correct model for the idea that you want to spend.