6.0 Android Marshmallow Becomes The First Sony Xperia Z 13 CyanogenMod Thanks

In the midst of the careers of major manufacturers to see who gets to upgrade before their ships logo to the new version of Android, an old and forgotten old rocker has advanced a few the instigation of the community. It’s the footballer Sony Xperia Z launched at the beginning of the past 2013.

Sony decided to leave this device support by leaving it in the ANdroid version 5.1.1, but has recognized Olivier of XDA developer managed to launch the alpha’s a version of CyanogenMod 13 for it that gives a step wrong taking version 6.0, and the first to try it say that it is fairly functional.

As you can see in this video posted by a user who has already tried the ROM, everything seems to work pretty decently and with astounding fluidity. We find the only problem in a bug that still resists the creator, and because of which the camera of the device does not work correctly.

Otherwise you know it, If you are not sure of what you do or do not want to expose you to the possible instability that may still be in the long run will be better to expect a more stable version. In addition, always the possibility of some that there is another problem with your mobile if you don’t install the ROM properly.

In any case, it is good to know that although almost all manufacturers soon too forget their old glories, especially a Sony Xperia Z range gets two new headliners every year, the community remains committed for those who want to keep a mobile phone updated without having to buy a new one every year and a half.