50 Years Fashion: Retro Style And Ladylike Trend

Fashion years 50, bon ton style for many women is a real way of being, a lifestyle and fashion.

Certain styles never fade. The fashion achievement, passes and returns and re-conquest. The fashion cycle is continuous, it never stops. The fashion of the past is often reinterpreted . Designers dig into their archives to find new sources of inspiration and models of the past, dresses now fallen into disuse returning to make their appearance on the runway in new colors, fabrics, patterns and lengths. And then as you know are the Accessories to give that little bit more innovative and not waited.

Fashion style 50 years doesn’t pass just never, maximally falls into the background but there are women who in those years were inspired by completely, just think about Dita Von Teese pin-up icon who also designed a line of lingerie, Von Follies , inspired by that great decade. In fact, what was so magnificent that period?

The lines of the dresses were soft, the skirts glided along the sides without”marking”the roundness . The turns were a strength and not weakness as it does now. The women were then an enviable waists , in fact the waist is really the strong part that better identifies those years. Highlight the waistline and tighten it serves mainly to outline the silhouette, basically proves even Elena Miro which has always worked on the waist as you can see from his clothing collection spring/summer 2012. The great women of the past knew how to play with their womanly roundness. But we see specifically what makes fashion the years 50. The skirt was a must . High-waisted, narrow and possibly wheel so as to emphasize better waistline.Above the skirt the right look foresaw jerseys tight much to carve lines of breasts, soft and top with some shirts. Between the top and the skirts were always well break with a belt maybe jewel for the evening. The polka dots were the favorite prints from that period although the floral patterns are never fade especially if available in white color.

Don’t underestimate the power of Accessories, primarily the scarf. Women of that time used mainly by worn around the neck and, on occasion, covered his head. I think in the imagination of all there is the image of women of the past that Judas a convertible with a scarf that encloses the hair. The bags were especially big for the day so great room for the evening, while colored shopper preferred small clutches of excellent workmanship to carry by hand.
The shoes were not like the ones we are accustomed to seeing today because the heel prowled between 5 and 8 cm at most!
The lace glove , worn especially from late afternoon onwards was the little bit extra for the fair damsels. The trick was not flashy. What needed to be perfect? A black eyeliner and red lipstick, a soft hairdo a voluminous and you’re done.

Don’t despair, you can still wear clothes in the style of the 50s because this year those leaders so soft and feminine are back in fashion. On many catwalks we have seen a great return of bon ton style typical for 50 years so now you just need just that point.