5 Tips to Get Your Backpack Before You Travel

In one of the last episodes of the fourth season of Friends, when all are preparing to go to Ross ‘ wedding in London, Monica recites a list of things to take and says check to check that each one of them is in the trunk. We know that Monica is controller and methodical, but nothing like a good list before storing the bag for anything to stand back and few hassles are avoided. So here we go.

  1. Type of bag/backpack

That will depend, of course, the amount of days you will spend traveling. Some people prefer bags with wheels and also who is fan of backpacks. The important thing is to be of a size that will fit everything you need to take. Another factor to be considered is the number of bins the bag, because it’s good to separate documents, clothes, liquid-like shampoo and SOAP-and electronics. At this point, the backpack is more advantageous. Finally, if you do not want to check any bags at the airport, make sure that your bag is within the limits allowed by the airline to be able to be carried in the cabin. These measures can be found on the website of the company and sometimes even in the booking confirmation email.

5 Tips to Get Your Backpack Before You Travel

  1. Clothes

Once again, it will depend on the number of days of travel and also the place where you are going is hot or cold. Clothes for warm places tend to take up less space in the trunk and it can influence the decision you took at the first point of this list. If the place is cold, take just one coat, preferably with a hood, as well as Beanie, scarf and gloves (I didn’t take any of that on my last trip, and the Pull & Bear won enough with my carelessness). After considering the amount of days and the local climate, make a simple account: how many baths you will take? The result will set the minimum of “seedlings” clothes you should take. Usually, shorts, Bermuda shorts and pants are a lesser amount and there is no reason, of course, you get a number greater than the account you did, after all Murphy’s loose in the world and hasn’t slept at the point.

  1. Documents

The technology has reduced enough the need to take roles as airfare or other transportation and booking confirmation. Today, a smartphone or tablet can aggregate all of this. However, if your trip is international, while passing through immigration, you may need to take printed copies of various documents, such as travel insurance, proof of yellow fever vaccine and, of course, the Passport, to show the agent.

  1. Hygiene Products

I’ve talked here about how to take liquids (shampoo, SOAP etc.) in air travel. In short, take everything in bottles of 100 ml maximum. Even if you use bar soap on a daily basis, on a trip the liquid soap is much more practical and infinitely less disgusting-I say this after getting a SOAP bar for a camping from CampingShip and see it transformed into a sponge esf oliante nothing delicate, because soaps fall on the ground, as well as the side of the toast in which you passed the butter. Try taking a toothpaste tube 50 g and those collapsible brushes, because they take up less space. As for deodorants, the aerosol type is not allowed on airplanes because it is inflammable, then prioritize the roll-on. But there is still an alternative, which I find much more practice: avoid this concern and buy everything in your destination, unless you go to the middle of the Woods.

  1. Electronics

I don’t see much point in who takes anything but a still camera and a smartphone in a trip. I’ve seen people in hostel with tablet and notebook, next to each other, and with the cell phone around. But if all this is really necessary-after all what you are a representative of Samsung or Apple-, don’t forget the respective Chargers. I’ve been marooned on trips because I forgot my cell phone charger and this can be a huge headache, mainly because the cell phone battery last less and less.

Finally, a bonus tip:Add all things in your list in a visible place – on the bed, for example-before you put them in the backpack. This will facilitate your life time to verify if really you are getting everything you need.