5 Tips On How To Wear Leggings With Boots

Hello dear, these days I received a question from a reader wanting to know How to wear leggings with boots in fatty and, if so, what is the ideal height of the pipe. Because you see, I love boots and think they are so good for fatties and skinnies. But here is my revolt: whenever I go to buy boots, madly in love a mid-cut to high model, see the price, and I will prove in the best hope of conquering the dream of the boot itself… When I put, she enters the foot, ankle, but… caneeela… uhhhhggg… No. She is not close, not rises, do not enter and you’re done. In the leg, the potato boot didn’t even give the air of grace, not enough and not give a phone call that you can’t go. You know? It hurts the heart. You’re there, full of love and money to give and you can’t even buy the boot that you want?

See, it’s not that I want to enhance ALL the pipes to boot, I know who have thin leg also suffers for getting everything left, but has different sizes of shoe, there should be different sizes of pipe, don’t you think?!?

Anyway, over time and with the disappointments consumerslearned that the only model for which I can fall in love is the ankle boot, the rest whatever comes is profit. And so it was with the Renner (last winter). I saw the advertisement and left crazy behind her. Thought it was beautiful. But anyway, if you find a boot mid-cut to high to stay beautiful and comfortable in your legs, why not wear with leggings? After photos, give 5 tips on how to wear leggings with boots.

Keep the look with leggings and boots, Yes is great for fatty!!!!


1. The Height Of The Top

Good girls, you know that the time is one that you like best, right? But if you bother to look shorter or fatter, there can pay attention to some things. For example, the height of the beat/blouse/shirt shorter, more leg “on display” and gives the impression that you’re taller. That is to say that, as the bottom is already all glued to the body, is more beautiful if the blouse or shirt are more soltinhas!

2. The Mixture Of Colors

If you want to stretch your legs, opt for boots of the same color of pants leggings (but, Hey, I, for one, I don’t care for that and used another color, even) and, if you want to look thinner, dark tones. It is worth saying that follow the same color chart is the least risky time to get dressed. So, if your boot is brown combine with the same colored leggings or suddenly, with shades of beige-sweaters, coats, scarves and purses too. If you are in doubt or you do not have other clothes of the same color of the boot, do as I do and use black, Black goes with everything!

3. The Height Of The Pipe

As I said up there if you found a mid-cut to high boot that entered and closed on your potatoes, you’re lucky!The above-the-knee boots (don’t mess I’ve ever seen not fatties using, yes!) leave the longest legs because, Hey, it seems like it never ends. The barrel already slightly below the knee can get a little more attention at the top.If you use with a dress (or skirt or gown or blouse) that are not shorts, who’s going to be short one is you.Account at least one inch above the knee, to give a good distance from the end of the boot. If it’s already the ankle boot, she leaves the leg a little thicker, but I think they so cool that I don’t even care! Use them just like I’m using-with dark legging, inside the boot, like a pantyhose and short blouse – helps minimize the effect. But in General, I think you don’t need to be “If losing weight” all the time. Assumes that chubby leg and uses a beautiful boot, my daughter!

4. The Jacket

It is assumed that if you are wearing boots is because it’s cold (otherwise, I don’t see any sense in use, but eh, …). The coat can be any time, and I think there is more valid he respect the proportions of your body or be mega nifty. Tip If you want to lose weight and stretch is leave it unbuttoned the front, because the opening it creates vertical lines that help give this effect. Mine is super vintage, I took my Nonna (grandmother in Italian) and I have the greatest affection for him.

5. The Model Of The Boot

I, Juliana Roman, don’t think a little cute beak and slender heel boot with leggings (but you may find, okay?!).Save a few rare exceptions, overall I think you are very fair and not include pants with a little fashion. I usually talk a look cool has a story, no matter how silly it is, behind. An inspiration, a style, something that target it. And pants leggings and boot is much the riding style. So, if you are in doubt, follow the most obvious style. And jackboot has no grasshopper, right? Is a low to medium heel, more quaradinho, more thick … You know? This type of bet is true to be elegant and fashion. The ankle boot is also a template easy to combine. Remembering that gives the impression of pointy feet higher, while round nozzle gives the impression of little feet.Calculate that to choose the model of your boot if the size of your foot is a nuisance.