5 Tips on Customizing a T-Shirt

Customizing a T-shirt can be a way to win a fully repaginated piece, spend little and still have something unique in the closet. What’s more, practice can still be a great opportunity to work creatively and spend time in a fun and enjoyable way-and create a cool keepsake for your corporate events or parties with friends.

How about experimenting? The following are 5 tips for anyone who wants new ideas when customizing a T-shirt. Check it:

1-Plan Before Starting The Customization

Before starting the customization process it is interesting to separate all the material you want to use. Scissors, chalk, thread, needle, in short, everything you imagine necessary must be at hand.

Before cutting or trying to apply new props it is interesting to make a rough sketch to get an idea of ​​what you want, even if it does not draw well. With good planning it will be easier to get what you have idealized.

2-For Beginners: Start Slowly

If you have never customized a T-shirt you should think well before starting the jobs. If you do not have the ability to sew, for example, it is advisable not to try to nail props, as this may deform the piece.

Another tip from Mbakecheng.Com is to start by turning your shirt into a regatta. Cutting the sleeves is one of the easiest ways to start customizing as well as the collar. Cutting the bar and shredding it is another simple way to totally change the face of that old shirt or that you do not like.

3-Choose Props That Have To Do With Your Personality

Do not restrict yourself to what is fashionable or what others think will look best. When it comes to customizing what it’s worth is to print out your personality.

If you make a more rock and roll style, you can bet on tacks, spikes and even leather strips. Already if you like a dash of romanticism a possibility is to apply a crochet flower or imitations of pearls on the bar and the sleeves and so on.

4-Abuse Of Creativity

What really matters when it comes to customizing is to use creativity.There is a huge variety of materials ranging from fabric flaps to beads, buttons, among other items, which can be used to modify your shirt.

If you have skill with paint and brush you can also risk a painting on the piece to stamp the shirt and make it even more personalized.

5-Silk Screen Digital Can Be A Great Choice For The Less Skilled

In addition to cutting sleeves and collars, another simple way to change the face of a T-shirt is to put a different picture on it. Silk Screen is a great possibility of customization in this case.

In this case you can choose Silk Screen Digital. This process is done byspecialized companies and consists of the printing of prints in high quality, without the need of a pilot screen. With this there is a great economy, as you will not need a minimum amount of T-shirts. The machinery uses a water-based paint, without residue or need of other materials, that is, quite sustainable. Silk Digital is the right choice if you want to customize a professional-quality shirt.

For great events, family gatherings, parties with friends and special occasions, a personalized tee shirt is a fun and special touch. Then sketch out what you want and put the project into practice.

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