5 Steps to Buying Jeans at Brás for Resale

Objective Tips For Buying What You Need At Brás, The Fashion District

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This is for anyone who is considering buying jeans for resale. If you are one of those people, you will definitely have to visit the Brás neighborhood in São Paulo.

The resale of jeans can generate a lot of profit, but in knowing how to do it. In addition to being a good seller, to succeed in this business you need to know how to choose the parts that will be resold. It’s not worth going out buying crooked and straight, without planning.

Brás concentrates several stores that sell jeans wholesale, with Consciência Jeans being one of the most known. Only, even knowing what to buy, the variety of choice is very large, and sometimes can create confusion about what to choose, right?

So here we separate 5 steps to buy jeans at Brás for resale.

5 Steps To Buying Jeans At BrÁS For Resale             

1-Good Supplier

Look for a store that offers good wholesale products like Conscience Jeans, so you stay true to the brand. Ensuring a good partnership for all.

2-Quality Of The Pieces

Always pay attention to the quality of the pieces to buy good, comfortable and long lasting jeans. Reselling poor quality jeans can result in the loss of good customers.

3-Finishing Of Parts

Note the finish of the pieces, the seams, zipper and button. These items may not seem very important, but they make a big difference when the piece is in the body.A jeans just as well have a more beautiful trim.

4-Customer Preferences

Identify what your customers’ preferences are, what kind of jeans looks best on the body of each, what number they use. This makes it easy to choose what to buy.

5-Be Attentive To Fashion

Always try to keep up with fashion trends. Make a list with some models for when to buy merchandise choose the pieces that are in high like jeans flare, or skinny, or hot pants, among others.

Extra Tip

Stay connected here on Conscience Jeans blog. We are always bringing tips and suggestions on jeans at Bras, resellers, types of pants, models and everything that is fashionable in the jeans world.

With these tips, it will be easier to choose jeans at Brás for resale, and thus make your business take off once and for all.

You find all these jeans in the Consciousness Jeans store. Visit the Jeans Store at Brás at Xavantes Street, 173 or the Loja at Rua Joli, 582 in São Paulo or find a reseller in your city, see here the locations.