5 Nails Decorated for 2016


1 – Nails for the World Cup 2016

2 – Leopard nails

3 – Prints vintages

4 – Colored newspaper Nails

5 – Nails with metallic effects

Decorated nails are the new fashion in enameling and neither are complicated to make and not so expensive. Popular halls come to charge only $1 per nail art and home, you spend on average 10 minutes depending on your skill in decorating the hands of simple and practical way. You do not have to spend a lot of time and you can have beautiful nails and new visually every day. For those who want to be fashionable, we have five models legal nails that are pumping nails and salons in the coming months.

1 – Nails for Copa 2016

Nails decorated 2016

There are those who do not think the nail decoration for the World Cup, especially when it will happen in Brazil? All you have green, yellow, blue and white, the colors of our flag, will be on the agenda and with enough style.

They are good tips inverted francesinha with green and yellow or traditional colors with blue and white, with the white tip with a predominance of blue to draw more attention. Remember that one of Brazil’s standards is the blue and white uniforms, so it is cool. Invested in theme as stripes and the country’s flag design on every single nail or daughter is also nice.

2 – De Oncinha Nails

Photo Nails 2016

Any pattern with leopard goes well fashionable 2016. The animal print trend focused only on this mammal is in shoes, handbags, sweaters and nails too. Forget a little colored prints with animal print and use the original tones of jaguar skin, the marro with black spots or similar tones.

Photos of Decorated Nails

You can invest in decorations to further this proposal, as pointed black nails and francesinha reversed printed with leopard. Create is always a good choice to innovate in its weekly enameling.

3 – Prints Vintages

Nails Decorated 2016

Reliving the past is another of the fads of fashion designers in recent months. The proposal to bring the very best in other decades to the current fashion walks also present in handbags and accessories and can be the nails also. The trick is to choose objects in the current fashion that have been fever in the past or prints such as polka dots 50s, or the intense blue of the 70 colors neon 80s with disco drawings or vinyl records.

The nostalgia in the drawings nail is also true. An example is the design tamagoshi one nail, one of the most famous virtual animals 90s and the most portable game that many children had. Prints with toys 90s are the most famous among the vintages designs on nails.

Draw inspiration from vintage prints is quite simple. We have a multitude of patterns and backgrounds for twitter with this trend and copy the drawings. If you can print on tissue paper, just cut and paste in your nail just based or dark-colored enamel and move the base over and your nail is already decorated and very simply.

4 – Nails Newspaper Colored

The newspaper nails are among the trends already considered retro because they were one of the first to be known to do at home. But instead of using prints in black and white, cut the colorful letters the same way you would in a traditional enameling and apply the nail francesinha the tip to implement the style. To complement your decor, pass a glaze with glitter to make your nails last longer. You can also create a newspaper print on your nail brush to get even more unique and different. This is done with a brush for nail.

5 – Nails with Effects Metalled

Nails with Metallic Effects

The metallic effect is one of the most modern ones in the nails. It is almost three-dimensional, but do not confuse with nail futacore, those who switch to different colors according to the light and affixing the hand. The metallized has the metal effect even as gold and silver and intense and discreet shine. Can you create nail prints with this effect in detail or it all. Example: nails with flowers drawn with metallic glaze and white background. Highlight, right? Fingernail only child with this decoration is also a modern, discreet and elegant tip.