4 Pictures That You Will Want To Make For Your Walls

Not be professional painters or lack of the best artistic skills are not valid excuses for not to make pictures with our own hands that will govern a particular corner of the House, or that decorate the walls of each room.
The truth is that, thanks to the crafts, we can employ techniques and develop ideas to the reach of non-experts, hands getting results and designs that we could well find exposed in a decoration shop. Do you want to join the development of custom tables? You just have to follow one of these 4 possibilities.
Pictures with wool and nails

Surely more than one of you has already tested this technique but, for everyone else, here you have a tutorial in which you can see each of the steps we must follow to perform this pretty picture.In addition, the reason we choose only depends on our creativity.The basic steps are:

– Prepare the wood base, we can paint desired color, dye, lined with wallpaper…

– Put nails by following the outline of the drawing that you want to achieve. For this purpose we can use as reference a template.

-Anudamos the end of the wool in one of the nails, and begin to weave.

Follow carefully in the video the movements that have been:

Box with buttons

For the following model of box n ecesitaremos meet the various buttons you have at home or, if we have in mind a very specific design with a chromatic line, resort to buying in haberdashery shops or craft stores.

As in the previous idea, we must begin by selecting the desired Fund. And once again we can use paint, paper lined… to decorate to our taste. We can also use a canvas.

Then, with the help of a template we traspasaremos to the canvas or bottom contour of the shape or figure that we want to achieve. Then, we will be filling with different buttons, but unglued, as we will be fitting on the fly to get a perfect result. We will then pasting them with hot silicone gun.

Box with plastic bottles

In third place we have this original design, ideal for lovers of oriental style. And the best thing is that we so only takes a few minutes drawing up our own version. The idea consist of using the base of the bottles as a mold to draw, using painting, a cherry tree. Previously we had to paint the branches on a canvas.

With rolls of cardboard box

And ended up with a recycling, because this latest version of box is made with rolls of cardboard and a base of the same material.In addition, to make easier work we use paint spray to paint the carton.