3D Lighting: 7 Curiosities that Don’t Tell You!

When we talk about 3D, the first design that comes to mind is the effect of overlapping images in videos, movies and games.However, the 3D term refers to three Visual dimensions: height, width and depth.

These three dimensions may only be perceived by our eyes due to the lighting. Is the mixture between absence and presence of light that allows us to understand the dimensions of an object or person in an image.

In today’s article you will understand that the 3D lighting is crucial in capturing images, plus check out some interesting curiosities.

What Is 3D Lighting?

Also known as lighting of 3 points, 3D lighting is a technique that involves using 3 separate sources of light to illuminate a person or object in a scene within an environment.

3D lighting technique is widely used in Visual media such as:




What Are The Advantages Of Using 3D Lighting?

Among the main advantages of using the 3D lighting is the ability to “shape” the object or person framed the image according to the desired atmosphere.

As mentioned previously, the three sources of light are used to give depth to the image in a natural way, so who watches the scene or to see the image in question is not able to understand the application of the technique.

How Does The 3D Lighting?

It is only in the game 3-point lighting, namely, the intention is to eliminate the uniformity oflighting and use the 3 positioning light sources so that they can control the depth (among other things) the image in focus.

To understand how the 3D lighting is important to know the basic lights 3:

Key Light Or Light

3D lighting, the Key Light is definitely the most important light. Positioned in front of the object or person to be framed, it is she who will define the main lighting of the image.

In General is a concentrated and focused light directly, causing shadows accentuated when only is on.

Fill Light Or Fill Light

On 3D lighting technique Fill Light is light lateral, i.e., the light that is positioned next to the object or person that is being recorded.

Its main purpose is to soften the shadows that are accentuated by the Key Light, filling in the “empty” spaces that cause these shadows. That’s why your name “fill light”.

Backlight Or Backlight

As the name implies, Backlight is light is placed behind the object or person that is being framed in the image.

She is responsible for causing the 3D printing as it has the purpose of modeling through highlighting details, in addition to highlight the distance between the object/person and the background of the scene.

The Backlight is positioned diametrically opposed to Keylight and Fill Light, explained by LightingHowto.com.

How To Apply 3D Lighting?

Start With Lighting That Has Less Effect First

If you start with the most intense light, hardly be able to tell the difference that the light with less effect on image focused.

Use The Contrast To Your Favor

The contrast is a powerful tool and can be used to raise the dramatic tone of his photographs.

Use warm colors against cool colors, or use a powerful light source next to weak sources.Your creativity is the limit.

Create A Composition

Don’t limit yourself just to the main object of the image. Use the lights to guide the viewer’s eye for the whole scenario to the your main focus.

The composition is the perfect and natural sum of all that is framed in the image.

3D lighting is widely used in photography or recording products. But also often used to illuminate people in scenes, music videos, interviews, plays and other audiovisual productions.

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