3 Chic And Practical Applications – As MTP Has Chosen!

You start to get tired of the same old applications you use every day? If the answer is “Yes”, you can take a look at ComputerGees 3 selected apps to a more exciting everyday! We allege that they are both practical and fun, so why not let your smart phone test them?

3 Chic And Practical Applications - As MTP Has Chosen

1. Genius: get a handle on the lyrics

What about an application that makes sure that you don’t sing along on the absolutely wrong text? “This tune had a really catchy rhythm, and melody was bold. Very often end up, with a “self composed” text, something that easily can be very entertaining. But let us return to the app. Of course, it’s an app that helps you to keep working on lyrics and statements (there is an app for everything). This is called Genius, and has the task to make sure that you never forget a song text again. How does it? The find among thousands of lyrics, and all these have comments, line-for-line, making it much easier and more fun to remember the content. The application has more than 1.7 million song lyrics in stock, and you can also find the lyrics on the songs played around you. App carries its name with correct, for it is quite brilliant for us music fanatics.

2. Snowball: Keeps working on alerts and notifications

The next man on the list is an app that makes sure that you receive all the important notifications while you do not have to view those who do not have any meaning for you. For example, Snowball store the messages a la “9 of your applications has been updated”. On the other hand, the teacher the What apps and notifications you prefer – and booster them so that they protrude a little more out of the myriad of other messages and notifications. Another good thing with this app is that you don’t need open Facebook, SMS or WhatsApp — you can reply to messages using the app, and they will go to their respective platforms each time.

3. Hooks: Updates over it you like

The last app on the program today called Hooks. Would you like to get notified every time something happens, you really interest you? This app makes sure that messages reach you. You can make personal notifications for concerts, festivals, sporting events, new movies with your favorite actor, wine, Yes, up to and including rain and extreme weather. The options are almost endless, and there is no risk that you will miss a single event in the future!

It was, therefore, today’s app-recommendation from ComputerGees – a mixture of something practical and entertainment. Do you have an interesting new app that you would like to recommend, so share it with us in the comment box below.