20th Century Fox Begins to Offer Its Movies and TV Shows in Google Play

Slowly Google extended the catalogue of films in Google Play, are increasingly distributors who publish their titles for on the Google platform, and from today 20th Century Fox will also offer their movies and TV shows in Google Play Movies.

Today in the United States already is available the Prometheus film three weeks before goes on sale in physical format. 20th Century Fox promises that it will offer more than 600 titles in Google Play soon, movies like X-Men, Ice Age the Black Swan, and series like family guy, Glee or Moderm Family.

The films also reach other countries where available rent and purchase movies. In Spain at the moment only available the option of renting movies, but it is expected that soon reaches the purchase option and arriving is also the series, since their prices range from 1.99 euros to 4.99 EUR which costs a premiere HD.

Google Play Movies already has the support of the main distrubidoras of multinational companies such as Disney, NBC Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and 20th Century Fox, and distributors and Spanish independent studies as Aurum, Filmin and VĂ©rtice 360. What they have to do now is to adjust the prices of rentals for customers renting more.