Ezra Miller and Its Mix of Styles at The Festival De Cannes

Last night was projected in the Cannes Film Festival film ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ (‘We need to talk about Kevin’) of the Director Lynne Ramsai starring, among others, by Ezra Miller. The actor had me a bit confused with the outfits that had been showing in their appearances at the festival, but I must admit that you chose for the red carpet of the film has managed to conquer me.

Your bet is characterized by the risky mix of different styles, resulting in a look that the label and the informality blend in perfect balance. Without a doubt, the garment which is my total approval is the Tuxedo Jacket Bordeaux flocked with flaps in contrast and bow-tie game. In the meantime costume black, be much appreciated a different touch of personality.

In addition, taking into account the great paleness of the skin of Miller, black jacket with plenty more Gothic would have had an air. By the way, the face of this guy isn’t you disturbing? It could well be a male version of Björk.

Returning to his outfit, we now focus on the bottom, where the informal economy has gained ground. Skinny black jeans and boots style rocker – and clean-. Normally, I would say that for a red carpet it passed, especially footwear, but in this case, I think that not. The reason is that the actor has managed to merge the two styles making a very personal style that is comfortable and not at odds.

What do you you think? You give your approval?

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