Adrien Brody with a Total Look Black at The Festival De Cannes

The film ‘ Midnight in Paris ’ of director Woody Allen He has been commissioned to open this morning the Cannes Film Festival. Before the screening, their protagonists have posed before the media and, among them, it was Adrien Brody. For the occasion, the actor has been quite true to his usual style, with a total look style dandy black.

The vest, perfectly restrained only in the Central buttons, and the borsalino clearly, they are items that give more personality to the look and, in addition, are fully identifying the actor.

I must admit that, in general, I like the like Adrien Brody dresses. I consider it quite elegant and he knows to take advantage of his physical with a very marked style. But on this occasion I think that his election has not been very successful.

Although I like the look (and much), should not have gone rigorous black taking into account that it was of a morning event and, in addition, held in a coastal city, where was the sun shining brightly. Fellow film opted for more spring shades as the blue or white, passing through the camel to varying degrees. Adrien, on the other hand, seemed to go mourning, in addition to broadcast heat just to see him. Boy, there is life beyond the black.

That Yes, I love how you took the Beard. Nicely shaped and with a perfect length. I hope to keep it is so because you feel you francamenet well.

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