You Will See Pictures That Reveal New from All Angles La BlackBerry Classic

Just less than two weeks left to the 24th of September, date chosen by BlackBerry to submit news. All pools are running that will be then officially presented the BlacBerry Passport, that peculiar terminal having a different appearance to most current smartphones, with a square screen and physical keyboard.

But There could be one surprise more, and it is that today we have known in greater detail a second terminal that could be Canadian, the BlackBerry Classic. A terminal that would recover the classical style of the manufacturer in terms of design and that after some leaks can now see from all angles.

In the previous photos we met the Classic BlackBerry already we could observe as the Canadians seemed to want to recover its essence, with a handset with a full QWERTY keyboard and the typical BlackBerry navigation under the screen buttons. But on this occasion we can also observe their frames and rear.

BlackBerry Classic would recover the metal frame, where this time we find the bandejas removable SIM card and microSD memory card. The back cover has a rugged appearance and apparently by the pictures the battery will not be removable. Seeing the design certainly seems that BlackBerry wants to fall in love with users who lost when they innovated design. Now, we will have to wait for the 24th to see if this new terminal is unveiled and what are their technical specifications.

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