What Are the Best Rods for Sport Fishing?

Choose a fishing rod is a difficult activity for new fishermen, because the fishing rods are concentrated a large number of variables that determine your use. In addition, once the most interesting stick the fisherman must evaluate the material in which it is produced, and she also has option to your spool or reel of preference.

Thinking about the difficulty of the fisherman again we decided to create a list indicating some sticks to each type of use in sport fishing . Come on them:

Small fish on the beach or in the river

The sport fishing small fish allows the angler use Ultralight rods (Ultra lights-UL), with less power and resistance (up to 2.7 kg). For on-board fishing the pole need not be too long, but to barranco or beach fishing is necessary a good length that assist in the launching of the bait.

Fish such as small lambaris tilapias and other examples of small businesses already are accessible with this equipment. The poles for these modalities can be moderate to slow action on the basis of the small weight of the copies is good that the stick is not too sensitive.

Average fish in dams or rivers

Average Fish can be found at sport fishing with Light sticks (Lights-L), resistant to 5.4 kg, or of Medium strength (Medium-M), which has the ability to hook up to 6.4 kg. Fish such as tilapias, matrinxãs, tabaranas, robaletes, and heavier as bass, black bass, bream, and fish traíras somewhat heavier are resistant to sticks.

Medium or heavy fish require at least moderate or fast action rods. For this type of fishing is good that they are longer because they allow a longer release with slightly larger baits, between 7 g and 28 g, for example.

Fly fishing for big fish requires great responsibilities

When you invest in a sport fishing to catch larger fish be ready to acquire more demanding equipment. Heavy resistance rods (Heavy-H) that support up to 13.6 kg and Hammock – heavy resistance rods (Musky) resist up to 15, 20 pounds are strong sticks for deep sea fishing, mainly, or in rivers of the Amazon region.

Sticks to deep-sea fishing weight must be of Moderate or fast actions, as should allow the fisherman to grab control, but without risking losing the stick. The length of which must be great, because we need a maneuver area to handle large fish. Among the target fish of this equipment are jaús, pirararas, mere, serranidaes, large groupers, large painted, gilded and tuna also, sea piraíbas and meros.

Now that you know that Rod will use you gives our article that helps you choose between reels and reels ?


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