Tips for Working with Resale of Semi Jewelry

Reselling semi jewelry is an excellent opportunity to have a business itself and work for you. Although the task seems a dream for most women who have a creamy affinity with fashion and the whole universe that surrounds it, we need to plot strategies and planning, besides knowing their target audiences very well. It’s simple, but very important ingredients to succeed. Thinking about who already works or wants to start reselling semi jewelry, the Herrerira, company expert in catering the wholesale market of semi jewelry, prepared some interesting tips and that can help in your business.

Well, the first hint is to evaluate very carefully and carefully the history of the companies you intend to develop a partnership. Originality in the designs, precision in detail and a flawless finishing make all the difference in the quality of the product and consequently, in its sales. Not to mention credibility, since many companies do not work with warranty, which can create an unpleasant situation between you and your client according to PLUS-SIZE-TIPS.

Loyalty to your clients is another indispensable task. But not everyone knows how to do it. Avoiding lying and forcing a sale can make the person suspicious and uncomfortable, causing her not to feel confident in purchasing with you. In this way, the most important thing is to put yourself in the client’s place. Presenting your products and understanding that not always that is the propitious time to finalize the sale, but that with sensitivity and common sense, she will have confidence and surely will look for you more times.

Investing in after-sales is another very important weapon for those who resell semi-jewelry. This requires that you have a record of each customer with information about each purchase, so you can contact, follow your satisfaction, understand your needs. One of the great differentials of Herreira semi jewelry wholesale is to give all that support for the customer. Social media always very well updated, Newletters weekly and fashion content on the brand’s blog are tools that can be perfectly used to assist their customers and strengthen their sales as well as work the post sales.

Whatever your ideas or strategies, the most important thing is always to suit your customers or prospective customers. Thinking away and planning is the key to the success of a business.


Herreira is a semi-jewelry wholesale factory that works with resale partners throughout the country. If you are interested in our brand, contact us by register or schedule a visit in one of our showrooms, specialized in semi jewelry to resell.

A year, the brand presents an average of 150 new unique and unique models. Producing an average of four to six collections per year, two or three each season with an average of 20 to 24 sets, the Herreira invests in the glamour of the 50 years to build powerful pieces that dress up sophisticated and powerful women like the characters interpreted by Glory Pires, Leticia Spiller, Wilhelmina Guinle and Deborah Nascimento.


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