Sunglasses to Offer on Father’s Day

The tradition ‘mandates’ that children honor their parents on March 19-and why not offer them an unforgettable accessory that will make all the difference in their look?

Father’s Day is, besides an important day where parents are the stars and deserve all the affection on the part of the children and the whole family, a perfect occasion to show this close relationship through a special gift.

The suggestion with Opticalia stamp is, of course, the offer of a pair of glasses that perfectly match your father’s style: who wants to be more or less discreet, who is more vintage or more modern, who likes looks with style or Prefers glasses that give it a more sporty look.

What is the pair of sunglasses or graduations that best suits your father?


If your father is one of those who love extreme sports, more sporty clothes or more relaxed looks, these Antonio Banderas sunglasses are the perfect gift to show your love for him.

Choose the vivid colors and mirrored lenses that best match your father-there’s also this model in warmer, reddish tones!


Your father can be a fan of more understated tones and a vintage style that borrows a pair of glasses more characteristic, as these Pepe Jeans in”aviator” format.

The rounded lenses and the lightweight and simple frame are perfect for men with more elongated faces. Apart from the turtle pattern, you can choose the same model with a black frame that suits even better with all the clothes.


There are parents who simply do not like to be lush and prefer small glasses graduated glasses and more discreet frame. These Amichi are ideal for this style, also giving some color to the face and standing out less on the face.


Colorful frames, mirrored lenses and a great contrast of colors in the sunglasses: the perfect ingredients for a very special gift for your father who likes to have style.

There are Pepe Jeans that fit very well in this description and you have to offer your father this eve of Spring Equinox. Also available in a more discreet color model .


To be fashionable is to wear metal-framed graduated goggles, with turtle pattern notes, a mixture of warm and cool colors and a shape that fits right in the face. If your father is based on this description, we have the glasses he should offer you on this Father’s Day.

Plus a Pepe Jeans that could not be better suited to modern parents, who like more sophisticated looks and who like to feel good about their glasses.

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