New Jewelry Brand Tiffany & Amp

The American jewelry store Tiffany & Co., eternalized in the movie Doll Deluxe–Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in the original title–drew attention in the campaign of the last collection when placing a gay couple for the first time.

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The campaign, which received the name “Will you”? (“You accept?”), was photographed by Peter Lindbergh and consists of seven romantic scenes of different couples: on the way out of a church and walking under the rain, for example. The couple Moçoilos appears in one of them sitting on a staircase in new York. And you know what’s cooler? Linda Buckley, spokesman for the brand, revealed that they are not models and form a couple in real life.

The iconic jewelry, founded in 1837, presents for the first time a couple of same sex in a campaign. The idea is to show that love happens in the most varied shapes.

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– The Tiffany engagement ring is the first phrase in history that a couple will write together, while creating a life that is deeply intimate and exceptional, which is the message I hope to convey through this campaign – Linda said in an American Elle interview.

After all, we can all dream of a Tiffany alliance, isn’t it?


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