Makeup for Those Who Wear Glasses: 6 Amazing Tips

It is foolish to think that wearing glasses of degree is an impediment to caprichar in the make: with some tips it is possible to associate the essential object with your favorite beauty products. Check out some  makeup  tricks  for those who wear glasses:

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Know Your Lens

The type of lens needs to be taken into consideration when choosing makeup. Here are a few examples: Myopia lenses create the illusion that the eye is smaller, so white pencils and beige are applied to the waterline to create the  effect of larger eyes . Already the lenses of farsightedness enlarge the eyes; Replace with black and brown versions is great.

Pay attention to the frame

Choose makeup based on the style of your frame. If she is discreet, daring is well accepted; But if it is already flashy, with colors or textures, invest in looks sober or clearer. When in doubt, try on the  makeup with the glasses  and photograph: when you look at the photo, you will know if you weighed too much or not.

Identify the shadows

Some frames can create  shadows in the eyes  and below them. Look in the mirror, make sure the place where they form and apply a concealer. If they are intense, a tone beneath your skin will fill the message.

Beware of the eyebrow

A beautiful look begins, no doubt, with eyebrows. In addition to serving as a frame for the eyes, they still add expression and personality to the face. To keep them well-drawn, forget the black eye pencil: the best way to correct your drawing is by using a light brown shadow or a  universal eyebrow pencil .

How to prevent eyelashes from touching the glasses?

To  prevent eyelashes from touching the glasses, bet on the curve-eyelash combo with volume mascara. The eyelash curler will keep the eyelash tips from slanting forward and the volume mascara will make the eyelashes appear fuller but not stretching too much.

Eyeliner pairs with glasses?

The  eyeliners  and shadows slightly drawn on the side help look more awake and leave the most lively eyes. Start with shades of brown until you get used to it, but black, navy blue and eggplant are great color choices.

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