Make for Those Who Wear Glasses? Come and Have It!

Because the makeup is for me, for you and for everyone, without prejudice <3

Wearing glasses is no reason to let the make aside do not! There are several tricks to make your makeup look perfect even if you have to put a frame on your face right away – which, let’s face it, is no problem with the beautiful models that are sold around today, right! ?
The makeup artist Helo Bassi has shared her expertise in the subject with us for you to play in the world of shadows, pencils and lipsticks without fear of being happy.

1) Will a chamomile tea there?

Bases and correctives are essential. Some lenses expand the size of the eye area and can make blackheads, pimples and dark circles more pronounced. His dark circles are deeper and obvious than you would like? Do not worry, Helo has a trick:”Before doing the make, put tea bags of chilled chamomile to relax the eyes. This helps a lot”.

2) Outlining is all good!

A well made outline makes all the difference in the look, so invest in the dash, cat! The only tip here is to keep in mind that the lens type of your glasses can change the way people look at your eyes: some increase the size of the eyes and make the outline thicker and lose the delicacy. If this is not the effect you want, bet on a finer stroke. #icaadica
Gel, pen, pencil… Come and discover the best type of eyeliner for you!

3) Pencil nude in the water line

Do your glasses have lenses that make your eyes look smaller? Bet on nude and beige pencils! When applied to the water line, they awaken your eyes and make your eyes appear more open.

4) Incredible Shadows

Shadows are the most controversial item in the make of wearers who wear glasses.”Some women abuse colors because they believe they will not appear under the glasses, but depending on the model of the frame, less is more,” says Helo. Bet in the opaque shadows because they make the play easier with the tones.”If your frame is delicate, a dark makeup may even look sexy, but in thick or tinted glasses the effect may be the opposite.”

5) Are you satisfied with your eyebrows?

” Well-made eyebrows are the best way to get focus out of your eyes and make people see your face as a whole,” says the makeup artist. Do you want a better reason to keep your eyes open? Eyebrows, paint them with pencil or shade and comb them with a brush to remove the excess.”Also, do not forget to buy the pencil in the right color of your eyebrow and use only the necessary.

6) Mascara for all eyes

Invest in mascara to give that up on the look. If you are uncomfortable with the sensation of having your eyelashes tapped on the lenses all the time, use the eyelash curler to model them upwards before brushing your eyes.
A more sophisticated occasion calls for false eyelashes.”Just be careful not to buy much larger appliques than your own and stay tuned, otherwise they might end up bothering you,” says Helo.
Tip: Do not apply mascara to your lower lashes, unless you really like the”Twiggy Effect”.

7) Lipstick is also important!

Lipstick is superimportant to close the look with a golden key. If you are afraid to dare in the eyes, choose more basic shadows and let to put a more intense color in the mouth. The reverse is also true: if you choose strong colors for the look, soften the tone of the lips.

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