Julia Roberts Helped Me in the Makeup

Wedding column-Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and will report regularly on freundin.de now by planning their wedding. Today: Registrar’s Office, Church, or both? Read here how the two – choosing and why Julia Roberts is suddenly bursts in Fanny’s preparations,

Registry Office, Church, or both? A decision, which is not always easy

Before I tell you about our planned wedding this time, as promised, I have to get rid of something: I had my first wedding nightmare. By Foreverlys Hochzeitscommunitygruppen on Facebook, I supervise, I know this phenomenon already quite well. As a bride, to make so many thoughts about the wedding, that it’s inevitably dream. And just when so many emotions in play are all can become sometimes a nightmare. Therefore, I have expected this also happened to me. But not already one and a half years before the wedding? The dream began in the wedding ceremony: all guests were satisfied, ate, drank, and gossiped. However, I was in an uproar! I was not wearing makeup, had unwashed hair and could not remind me of my wedding. To my own wedding. Hello? The day of days and I can not remember? Moreover that we had not done our couple photos and actually nothing so ran as planned occurred to me. I tried finding a quiet minute, to wash the hair at least me, but always something intervened. Saved me a celebrity in my dream at the end: Julia Roberts came to help me with make-up. Luckily. Because I have no idea of it. After that, the dream was over according to Hbbltd.

Apparently my subconscious mind deals much more with the whole wedding shebang, than I realize, actually I thought that I relaxed at the wedding got it. Well, it’s called Yes “subconsciously”.

But now to the actual topic: our wedding. As already announced, Daniel and I have not decided also here for the classic version of a wedding ceremony. You know the way: either there is a large civil marriage and then celebrated. Or it will be married in civil and Church (or free). We opted for the latter. There will be two weddings.

I was already at some weddings, but so properly festive I never found the “official response”. Clearly, the Registrar make effort to allow intimacy come up while but ultimately foreign people stand in front of them. That’s why we have decided to be just two to the registry office. As the date for this, we have chosen our anniversary in January. We go, sign and go eat maybe even beautiful. The real, important for us wedding takes place, as mentioned already in my first column , in the summer of 2017. Here we are married free. I was never in the Church and Daniel’s kicked out. A wedding so not eligible to be scavenged for us. My dad will take the free ceremony. He knows us well and is an excellent public speaker. What could be emotional, as if his own father decreases us the promise of eternal love in the circle of all our closest friends and family? I would always recommend to find someone for the wedding ceremony, who knows you well. The pastor of your hometown for example or the best friend of the groom. If you go through your circle of friends, someone think you intended. If you know anyone who can write good speeches and hold, then I recommend that you hire a free ceremony speaker. Such professionals take a lot of time to get to know you and create an atmosphere of goosebumps in no time.

We have not discussed yet how will expire exactly the wedding of Daniel and me, in detail. As you have read in my last column , there will be no ring Exchange on all cases. I would like to write a personal wedding vows for Daniel and then read aloud. Whether Daniel says something, too, must be seen first. Talking in front of many people not so he’s. And he should feel uncomfortable in no case at his own wedding. Since we meet before the wedding (the couple photos made previously, to do this some other time), we could run together. Also I want to take it from me, to welcome our guests personally and to be at every moment of the wedding. Finally, it takes one and a half hours, until all the guests there are already good and happy. There in the bride room to wait, while the others have fun out there already, would be me too boring!

How exactly everything does, depends on whether we can make the wedding outside and will be scheduled later. Namely, in our location, there is a lovely garden, which we will use, if the weather is good. I will tell you again what is it for a location and how the style of our wedding will be.


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