John Chen, The President of BlackBerry, Does Not Feel Intimidated by Xiaomi and Obi

Xiaomi seems be doing for Marvel in the Asian market. In recent weeks we have witnessed how the Chinese company has been hypothesized to sell their mobile as pretzels, Announcing record numbers that, in principle, it seem hard to believe by their magnitude. In mid-July it revealed that for the first 75 seconds of the launch of its phablet Redmi Note placed 5,000 units only in Singapore, and others of their terminals, as its current «flagship», the Mi 4, also seem to have started with much pull.

But far from conform with good figures taking in countries like China or Singapore, Lei Jun, President of Xiaomi, announced in April that they were ready to disembark in other markets with all its artillery. Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey and the India are just a few of them. In the latter, precisely, BlackBerry has much pull, so it could be threatened. But I’m not. John Chen has made it very clear that not afraid for his fortress in India.

For the Executive of the Canadian company, businesses such as Xiaomi Obi Mobiles, two firms that have managed to place in the Indian market mobile with very attractive priced configurations «terribly» Netherlands, they do not compete with BlackBerry. Xiaomi little more I can add, but it is worth to remember that Obi, although it is little known in Europe, was co-founded by someone with experience, John Sculley, the former Chairman of Apple, and seems to be reaping good sales in the Asian country.

Even so, Chen is clear: BlackBerry has nothing to fear. According to him, his company enjoys a great health in India, and, Furthermore, their terminals are not aimed at the same people who buy the Xiaomi and Obi, usually looking for low-cost phones. It is possible he is right, but the fact that BlackBerry It has lowered the price in India some of its mobile phones, such as the Z30, the Z10 and the Q5, among others, seems to point that perhaps Chen does have something to fear.

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