How to Attach a Water Bottle for Your Luggage

Reusable water bottles help reduce landfill waste and are a convenient accessory to keep yourself hydrated. If you are traveling with your bottle of water, you can choose to attach a bottle for your luggage, in order to free his hands. Fortunately, water bottle holder are specially designed to keep your bottle comfortable and secure in your place and they can be purchased easily in sports stores, outdoor and Department.



Your water bottle clean and dry. Bring it with you while shopping, so make sure it is clean and dry.


Visit your sporting goods store with your bottle of water in hand. If you don’t have a store near you, find your size specifications bottle on your bottom or on the packaging, then visit a Web site that sells travel equipment. You will need to know the size of the bottle to get a good fit according to novowaterbottles.


Decide whether you will need to isolate your bottle or not. If you’re traveling with hot water, drinks or soup, you can benefit from an insulated water bottle sleeve.


Select a style or cage holder sleeve. You want the bottle to fit snugly in the cradle, so insert your bottle in multiple holders, until you find one that works for you.


Select a holder with a carabiner. This metal clip is essential for your bottle to your luggage.


Purchase the appropriate holder.


Press the connector latch to open it.


Slide the clip over any open circuit in your luggage. Typically, there will be close circuits each buckle closure and along the sides of the bag. Close the zipper after you have connected the clip.


Enter your bottle in the holder and bon voyage!


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