For When the Baby Comes Home

I have listed them below some of the items we have for when the baby comes home and you always leave for last minute to buy. Take this list to your last trip to the pharmacy, supermarket or Hello Baby before going to motherhood!!!

Basin, Bucket, Baskets and Tupperware-(between you and me, that flat items to purchase!), so be sure that shopping on a programasso Leroy or Extra for when your belly is huge, no one deserves!

Buy one of each to take care of the things your baby, for laundry and clean, so the floor cloths to clean the room, to let the clothes soak for dirty diapers, to store bottles, etc. It is important to separate the whole baby hygiene from the rest of the House.

Coconut Liquid SOAP–make a estoquinho when you start washing the clothes for maternity because is the best to use on baby’s clothes and giving less allergy.

Alcohol 70% (to clean the baby’s navel and also for the first few days after get his ear pierced girls)

Alcohol Gel–one in each corner of the House, especially if you are receiving many visitors!

Square Cotton–to clean the baby’s butt is the best because it’s not indicated use moistened wipes in the first 3 months. I love the brand cotton Sussex. Even the makeup size cotton is even better to clean the baby.

Fop anti heat cramps (despite the cramps just start there shear third week of life, it’s always nice to have at home because it’s not going to be any pleasing you remember having no amid the first crisis!!!

Cotton swabs-For ears, nose and navel

Higiapele-is still one of the best products to remove the residues of butt and facilitates the removal of ointments as Hypoglycemia

Diapers–has at least 2 packages of 2 different brands so you can test which likes, which leaks out less. For me the best work to date is the triple protection of Turma da Mônica

Comb and Brush Kit–and patience if your baby does not have a hair as was my case!!!

Pacifiers–choose a model and see if your child will like. You don’t have to buy all models from the store, leave to do that if he didn’t get the first model. Like the Mam and Avent.

Bottles–has only one to an emergency or if you need to supplement, after a few days if breastfeeding is good, you don’t need them for a few months! Like the brand Dr. Browns

Bags or glass to store milk-it’s nice to have a little bit at home if you need to take and save a little. The best bags are Lansinoh brand. And the jars you can order. I asked this company: our site. As well as the bomb you rent.

Glycerin Soap–see post HERE

Thermometer-mind who brought the United States, measured in Fahrenheit digital and not Celsius.

Bath thermometer-for the first few days if you feel insecure in relationship to temperature. But nothing better than the forearm to measure.

Scissors with rounded tip–babies already born with the toenail and grows in an incredible speed. Do not use sandpaper unless you throw out every use because the sandpaper!!! bacteria.

Tylenol Baby–it’s good to have for a fever, but of course with the approval of your pediatrician.

Cornstarch–Yes, cornstarch is wonderful for diaper rash, click HERE to see the post

Inhaler-I think the inhaler essential, because if one day you need a time to not go out at dawn to buy or borrow. The inhaler helps a lot when the baby is very cold or cough. And for sure the first you will need a flu.

Saline: to use the inhaler and cleaning the nose.

Funchicorea-magic Dust for cramps, but I used too much to soothe the crying da Bruna countless times! It’s just for a little bit on the pacifier.

Hipoglós or Dermodex-or ointment for diaper rash that you prefer.

Johnson ´ Oil s- it’s great to take crostinha of the head and behind the ear.

If anyone think of anything else leave a comment because we can update the post with more items!.


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