Check Here the Traditional Jewelry for Every Wedding Anniversary

It’s not only the silver or gold wedding that merits commemoration jewels. Relationships, whether they are a stable marriage or union, require many sacrifices and it is increasingly rare that couples can stay together for years on the line. Therefore, each date must be celebrated with the proper refinement and affection.

If you don’t know for sure how to present at these moments, stay calm: each of them has traditionally a particular gem that will please full your par on this special day. You want to find out what they are? Check the following text:

1 year — Paper wedding

A year may even seem little, but it’s the beginning of a long walk and deserves to be celebrated as such. To celebrate that date, a good idea is to present with an amethyst. It symbolizes pure and true love and is the precious stone that has the oldest record. Violet’s coloring, her intense tone gives even more meaning to the gesture of affection according to Clothingexpress.

5 years — Wooden wedding anniversary

Five years is already a more striking date and it is interesting to present with an imperial topaz. This gem means harmony and spiritual growth, in addition to stimulating the senses and maintaining warmth, creativity, good humor and joy.

10 years — Tin wedding

Ten years is a big milestone, isn’t it? It deserves a more striking celebration and the stone of that date is the emerald. Known by the ancient Romans as the stone of love, it is a symbol of trust and fidelity. The more transparent and the more intense the green, the greater the value of this gem.

15 years — Crystal wedding

The symbol of the 15 years is the sea water, the stone that has meaning the pure, faithful and true love. It can be found in several shades of blue, so your name refers to the sea. The ancient Greeks believed that she brought luck to the unions.

25 years — Silver wedding anniversary

To celebrate this beautiful date of unity, present with great love. A good option is to take advantage of the name and choose a beautiful piece of silver, which can or may not have precious stones aggregated to production.

50 years — Golden anniversary

Date Rare these days, the golden anniversary represent nothing less than 50 years of marriage! And nothing better to exalt this than the best known, desired jewelry and that gives name to this celebration: gold. In several versions, formats and carats, it pleases even the most demanding people.

60 years — Diamond wedding

The most amazing celebration of this list, the diamond wedding is really a unique moment, which must be celebrated by the whole family. Gifting with a diamond here makes all sense, because this rock is the most resistant of nature. The same goes for those who have been married so long: their strength and beauty are unique.

These jewels are the most interesting for commemorative dates, so remember our tips at the time of choosing the present. We rarely see such lasting unions and they deserve all the celebration of the world, so don’t let the date go blank.

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