BlackBerry Passport: a High Range of 599 Dollars, Available in United States This Week

BlackBerry It had scheduled an event this itself Wednesday, September 24, and although they had not determined what would be the protagonist all were looking askance at the BlackBerry Passport. Its terminal more noise is getting in the last few months, and that was still pending to be submitted.

The Wall Street Journal comes to mentioning some of the details that BlackBerry will make officers on Wednesday, and which include for example the price of the new Passport: $599, ensure, that it will start to be available the same day in the U.S.. They say that it is one lower price than the competition, where for instance Samsung or Apple sold their ships insignia for 650 dollars or even more. The key is, will it be the BlackBerry Passport able to compete in today’s market?

A terminal technical characteristics will be very interesting, but which still have the emptiness of the software, with the BlackBerry World a few steps behind their counterparts iOS, Android or Windows Phone. In their favor, the privacy and security always very on the side of BlackBerry, and a system that dazzled us since its inception and that we define as a very neat and innovative commitment.

Passport It is a smartphone that is robust and interesting as a phone, but a huge distance from its competitors. Will $599 be an attractive enough price to shorten that distance? We’ll see in the coming weeks.

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