BlackBerry Continues to Struggle to Regain Ground Despite Its Financial Results

Three months ago we seemed to see a little light at the end of the tunnel in the future of BlackBerry. The financial results were not especially remarkable, but there were signs for hope. In the latest results things return to confirm this situation a manufacturer who has not had a particularly good quarter but that aims to gradually trace.

And it is that data indicate that BlackBerry sales have fallen by 47% over last year to the 916 million dollars. The net losses have been 207 million dollars for a second fiscal quarter. The figure is negative, but much less that it had a year ago with a net of $ 907 million loss. That joined the efforts of a company that tries to return to relevance with the newly announced BlackBerry Passport.

The CEO of the company, John Chen, already said in April that they expect to return to profits from the sale of terminals, something that could be their estimates if they manage to sell 10 million devices a year, a figure that he is perhaps reach with products like Passport, clearly aimed at business users. This quarter 2.1 millions of terminals were sold (something less than the 2.6 million the previous quarter).

That focus on this type of user joins the efforts of BlackBerry is doing when it comes to focus much of its business in its enterprise software solutions, and in fact in the press release highlighted the sale of 3.4 million licenses of BES 10, what it means to multiply by three the result of the previous quarter. In the second quarter, 46% of sales corresponded to services, 46% to hardware, and 8% to software and other sources.

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