BlackBerry Classic Also Poses for The Camera

Although they were seen for the first time together in the hands of the CEO of the company, among the BlackBerry Passport and Classic, clearly much more noise has become the first in recent weeks. In the road map, there are two other models.

By their destiny to the high-end and peculiar proportions he claimed our attention, forgetting that the true philosophy of BlackBerry had been in the model Classic, Hence its name.

Today we turn us to find images that let us see his appearance, quite well at the same time that compare it us with phones that we already know. Well you could replace those Bolds remaining on the market, looking for a renewal. That Yes with BlackBerry OS 10.3.

We can see its QWERTY keyboard below the display, such as a BlackBerry’s life, even canned the trackpad in the middle of both elements. At the appearance of this control system, we believe that the keyboard will not have a touch surface Passport style.

One of its strengths is in the autonomy, but data, do not give us having a good battery is a priority in the Canadian company. Expected better numbers than with Passport, and a display of 3.5 inch It is not something that cost too much to feed.

BlackBerry Classic is on the market before the end of the year – possibly November – expected with a professional orientation, and hopefully a competitive price, since few ingredients are you for bothering to iOS or Android. That is to say Windows Phone, and what it is costing you.

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