BlackBerry and Porsche Design We Presented to Your Latest Creation

The company car and mobile continue its collaboration with, and his latest creation is called BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983. The truth is that already had escaped its appearance at the end of August, but his official presentation has been a few hours ago and let’s review whether those data were certain.

And Yes, the new BlackBerry is as elitist and special as we aware – have they not said price, but they ask about $2,000. As they did with the previous model, they have caught and dress a current BlackBerry with design and materials to the height of Porsche, or at least to your liking.

The model is presented much more angular and striking that the creations of BlackBerry, highlighting a keyboard that is built with a material that gives the appearance of glass. You can learn more about the Porsche Design P’9983 in the video below:

From the functional point of view, we have a modern model, with the latest system of the House, BlackBerry 10.3. Adorned with a special customization, and a special PIN that puts us in privileged user club.

In terms of specifications, we do not know too, well it might be an enhanced BlackBerry Q10 with 64GB of internal memory, with same 3.1 inch display and 8MP camera. It boasts a range of 14 hours in conversation.

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