Are Beauty Blogs Dying?

What a question! For months that not writing about committed something, those that you hate or you love but honesty above all. They create controversy and take many things to light and today I am willing to vent a little.

Are dying beauty blogs? A few days ago I realized that followed more than 1,000 blogs, all related to the world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, i.e. aroused my interest. As a good blogger I did a review of my broken links and mother! All came from some bloggers comments that did not already exist. I started to review blogs and I think, there is still much cleaning to do, that will have to be removed from my reading list about 500 blogs. Almost half… what happened? Why are beauty blogs dying?

Many of these blogs have not gone away in a magical way, some of them simply are still there but not updated for months or years, others have been closed and deleted the reason? YouTube and Instagram, are social networks in which images or videos are put to the written word.

To get started, tell you that I have nothing against these social networks, in fact, I use much Instagram, on YouTube yet I have to be released but still many people from my channel, I love to see videos and I spend hours and hours hooked I love! Like a blog, to have a channel on YouTube that worthwhile, you will need one good image both team, lighting sound, time to edit and most importantly spark for transmit!

However, Instagram theme… ahem ahem entering a marshy ground. Much has been said already about this social network somewhat… wouldn’t know how to describe it. Much has been written about the purchase of followers and likes in this social network.

Instagram rule is simple, more followers more possibilities of collaborations and work. Applies that “a picture is worth a thousand words” but do the pictures worth the money that is paid?
Reasons why bloggers may are pulling the towel vs. I’ll Instagram

✔ I have a beauty blog and they just send me products

. Seriously do you think that nothing else to do a blog you were going to rain high-end products or collaborations? To get a blog to that level they have to spend months and even years because there is a thing called rankings and visits. An agency of communication, or a company, would never send a product of 200 euros to a blog so they see it, or rather, that written information reach them one hundred people.

Instagram if you make a good purchase of followers and likes only with posting an image of x product can display it thousands and millions of people, it is not necessary that you take years on Instagram, in fact, it is a social network created by the year 2010. Bingo! In months can get what a blog does not get in years.

✔ I have a blog for a year and am still not rich. As I wrote in the previous point more of the same, there are few bloggers, very few, living, and less in Spain, however, in Instagram already referred to the phenomenon of Instagramers and thanks to his followers (purchased or not) they can rain them paid contributions, it is not that you are going to make you rich but between a peak and other…

✔ I lose the time into something that can not nothing in return. It is logical that everything you write on the blogger platform will not be positioned or goes has reach the top positions in search engines, i.e. a post which you get fruits and by company tells you that you love them and that you pay to the next.

✔ I spend a week gathering information and making hundred of photos to a post that will never have its fruits. Expect the day to be sunny for a half-decent products shooting, have a good camera, spend hours in front of San Google looking for information, edit photos, write the post and corrections, “be nice” post… work!

And of course, don’t forget investment in applications for rss, payment of domain and decent hosting, maintenance, hours and hours of learning, recycling… A blog requires much maintenance, not everything is written and wow! There goes that. It takes years of experience and many will understand me.

Having fans and likes with one simple image upload instagram you save all that process a post, for more, inri or possibly thank you because most of the agencies of communication or companies are thirsty for likes instagram. Possibly they like most see 18,000 likes to an image that you know that your post has had 18,000 visits and has been shared a hundred times in your various social networks.

As they say here, the police is not silly, because there are many experts who have reported the danger of buying followers on Instagram and the great plot that there behind this controversial social network.

For some, Instagram, is only a social network more to share images, for others a way of life and high income with minimal effort and without large investments to achieve an attractive image to publish.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will bother to share your point of view on the matter, I love to know what you think about all this. We are sure that many of you you feel identified and some other has already thrown the towel between so many Instagramers and Influencers, a picture-perfect for the minimum effort.
Dying beauty blogs really? Do you long to have your blog? What reason you encouraged to get into the blogger world?

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