The Clothes Can Help You Look Taller

Who hasn’t wished for a few centimeters? Although there is no treatment to increase stature, fashion can be a great ally to create a longer silhouette and in tune. With a few tricks, and the choice of certain parts, it is possible to make the illusion work to your favor.

“One needs to look your style very well and know your body, but you can use the clothes to your favor,” says consultantMaria Elena Daniel, image Consulting tuning and style. You don’t have to give up their favorite colors or shapes, for example, but should adapt them to look more long torso. Continue reading “The Clothes Can Help You Look Taller”

How to Dress in Pregnancy

Ideal Clothing For Pregnant Women

During the nine months of pregnancy the mother-to-be body tends to increase their measures, mainly in the region of the abdomen and hips. Many women are having doubts of how to dress in this phase, because it could further enhance them or uncomfortable. There’s no mystery, pregnant women can use many parts, including those that are fashionable. Continue reading “How to Dress in Pregnancy”

Learn Why Abandon Thermoses to Serve Coffee

You still use thermoses to serve coffee? Know that, after 20 minutes in store, the coffee you just strain begins to oxidize, IE, comes into contact with oxygen and begins the process of deterioration. Often, the coffee flavor is changed and is bitter or completely unbalanced.

In addition to change the taste of your coffee, it’ll oxidize twice as fast inside the bottle, because the high temperature-about 50°-will speed up the process and cause it to lose its aromas and flavor. As they say the miners, masters of coffee:”past, coffee served.

In this sense, a great ally in maintaining the aroma and taste of coffee is the espresso machine. Continue reading and learn why you must abandon the use of the thermos. Continue reading “Learn Why Abandon Thermoses to Serve Coffee”

Fur Fall Winter

Among the trends of the cold season, could not certainly miss the fur, the return of one of the most controversial leaders, but also the one of the most beloved winter.

Dictated by the greatest fashion houses around the world, the furs are you come back on the catwalks of the last Fashion Week and, despite numerous discussions on those who prefer real or at least “natural”, if you can define it, and those who dare with ecological patterns and multicolor, in bold colors or shades evergreen , it will be really impossible to resist. Continue reading “Fur Fall Winter”

Pregnant Pictures and Models

Who said pregnant also can’t walk in style? On the contrary, they can and should. Today, pregnant women already have a fashion segment thought exclusively for them, that meet every need of that period. And the best, a fashion update, according to the main trends of the moment. Which guarantees to pregnant woman, besides comfort and well-being, beauty and style to spare. Continue reading “Pregnant Pictures and Models”

Tour de France Final Stage Champs Elysées

Road: 137.5 kilometers from Evry to the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Three week contestants are over and now awaits the big award ceremony and the final dividend of the jerseys. But first a last spurt settlement. And before its women’s race La Course with three Swedes to start.v

Since 1975, the Tour de France finished at Paris’s main parade Street; The Champs Elysées.
The stage usually begins with relaxed driving and celebration and then turn into bloody seriously when it reaches the closing lap in the capital.  Continue reading “Tour de France Final Stage Champs Elysées”

Ladies T-shirts: Fashion Wholesale and Retail

Yuuupppiii … weekend arrived and we just want to know one thing: comfort! Is there anything better than enjoy the days of furloughs with a look well stripped, total relaxation, as for example a jeans and a t-shirt? This is an addiction fashion that we don’t open hand! Before the shirts were already considered basic in the female wardrobe item, today are necessary items for a stylish look. The famous “tees”, as it has been called, are so high that mark presence even when the costume requires a little more sophistication. Can you imagine a ballad composed by t-shirt + skirt with sequins, for example? Ready, a chic and unpretentious production, without effort. We love!!! And was futricando on Instagram we discovered a shop specializing in wholesale and retail fashion t-shirts: LADIES t-shirts! It was love at first sight! Continue reading “Ladies T-shirts: Fashion Wholesale and Retail”

More Sustainable Cotton Is Featured in Collection of C & A

To give continuity to the C & A’s commitment to produce sets with positive impact, 68% of the pieces from the new collection of the network, Original Jeans, were produced with more sustainable cotton, which reduces environmental impacts and use water more efficiently. Continue reading “More Sustainable Cotton Is Featured in Collection of C & A”

Hiking Hotels

The hiking hotels – best alpine are an Association of 72 hotels that combines the love of nature of the Alps. The goal of each individual, dedicated hoteliers is to prepare an unforgettable nature experience, which again lead to body and mind their origin and thereby healing and relaxing effect. A special experience of nature is an overnight stay in an igloo in winter – surprisingly not only for hard -. Even more special when the snow stands at over 2000 m in the middle of the South Tyrolean Dolomites. Continue reading “Hiking Hotels”

Shoelovers: Selection of Boots and Shoes for the Winter

Increasingly, fashion is a total ransom of movement styles, bringing up references from all decades.Years 70, 80, 90 and 2000 talk in tune. In this sense, the catwalk brings together in your collection a selection of shoes that exploit the best trends that have taken over the fall/winter season. Check out the models to bet now: Continue reading “Shoelovers: Selection of Boots and Shoes for the Winter”

All Prices of The Orange Daytona

This morning Orange It has unveiled its new smartphone of its own brand, the Orange Daytona. The continuous premise and Orange has not neglected or features or prices that we can now offer the complete.

The new Orange Daytona offers a screen of 4.5 inch, with an IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels and Corning Gorilla Glass. Also with a processor dual-core 1.2 GHz, 512 mb of RAM, 4 Gb of internal memory, Android 4.1.1 and 5 megapixel main camera and frontal VGA camera. Continue reading “All Prices of The Orange Daytona”

Holiday Suitcase

Find out which suitcases to choose from for your vacation

Are you wearing the right suitcase for your summer vacation?Surely you already know all the tricks to select what to pack, organize and pack your suitcase, but you may not remember that you should tailor the type of suitcase to the vacation you are going to carry out.To help you, we have made a selection of models that best fit your plans, be it a beach weekend, your honeymoon or an InterRail.See the gallery and choose the perfect model for you! Continue reading “Holiday Suitcase”

White Floral Dress

Check Out Floral White Dress Options TainÁ MÜLler, Romantic Dresses Ideal For You!

Tainá Müller is a brazilian actress, which has been firming on career, mainly due to your character in the novel, the Family photographer Marina. In a photo shoot, Tainá Müller razed by using a floral white dresswith waist and shoulders. Romantic floral dress proved to be suitable for Taina Muller, who is a woman of strong personality. Inspired by this white dress, this post brings up some options of floral white dress. Check out and kill you too! Continue reading “White Floral Dress”

Collection Winter Arezzo

Arezzo Collection Autumn/Winter 2013-Trends

Most brands of footwear and accessories sector is already promoting the launch of their new collections. Among them is the Arezzo, one of the leading national brands in this segment. For the autumn/winter of 2013, the brand comes with many new features and amazing pieces. Check out what are the stakes and trends covered in the new collection: Continue reading “Collection Winter Arezzo”

10 Tips for Dressing Well

Elegance In First Place

Elegance is not on the label of the clothing you wear, but the way in which you compose your looks. There are parts that don’t allow you to make mistakes because they are classic and will always look good on almost all women. To dress well, you must know how to use the pieces to enhance your body, but it doesn’t happen by using super short dresses and righteous. To achieve the title of a well dressed woman, must be elegant and demure just right. Of course everyone can wear a dress, skirt or blouse booby, but always with modesty and common sense. Continue reading “10 Tips for Dressing Well”

The Dezer Collection Miami Museum Has over Thousand Cars

Mid-year vacation are already there and many Brazilians are to travel to Florida. What many people don’t know is that the cities of Orlando (as we say here) and Miami have many attractions for lovers of retro, which go far beyond the Disney parks, Universal and the famous outlets with amazing discounts. Continue reading “The Dezer Collection Miami Museum Has over Thousand Cars”

Vivien Feisthauer Launches Collection Sum

Entitled SUM, the collection gathers 30 jewelry, including rings, necklaces and earrings, crafted, one by one, making them unique. Gold, silver, white gold, and precious stones made of electro, forming jewelry. However, the process of creating this work arose by the desire of joining methods already incorporated normally by Vivien enchantment with a Korean technique: cold forge joined Keum-Boo, giving rise to the sum. Continue reading “Vivien Feisthauer Launches Collection Sum”

Chilli Beans Launches New Capsule Collection Inspired by Elvis

Chilli Beans celebrates the life and legacy of Elvis Presley with the launch of a new capsule collection. Inspired by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll ™, the capsule collection includes glasses and watches designed to accurately represent the iconic style of Elvis. The collection is available at all points of sale of Chilli Beans in Brazil and abroad. Continue reading “Chilli Beans Launches New Capsule Collection Inspired by Elvis”