Marshmallow Becomes The Xperia’s 2011

While many of us poor mortals are still waiting to your mobile phone manufacturer decides to update the software of your recently launched into Mashmallow, mobile terminals as old as the Xperia line 2011 they may already have it. With small print, clear.

As it could not be otherwise, this is the project of an independent developer from XDA that has created a ROM based and quite faithful to CM13 for the 2011 Xperia terminals, i.e. Active Xperia, Xperia Arc, Xperia Live with Walkman, Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro, Xperia Neo, Xperia Neo V, Xperia Pro, Xperia Ray, Xperia Play and Xperia Neo V. Continue reading “Marshmallow Becomes The Xperia’s 2011”

Underwear Calvin Klein 2010

They underwear calvin klein 2010 for its design, its comfort and its price, are the most commonly used by all the men who take care of even the smallest detail.

Male underwear is becoming a garment indispensable in the drawers of the men and calvin klein product underpants star.

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Samsung Blue Earth S7550

Already on the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona the first pattern of the Blue Earth was seen; It took still some time to the production of eco mobile phone with solar panel. Now is the Samsung Blue Earth S7550 finally to have and also meets his nickname Blue Earth:

  1. Samsung Blue Earth S7550
  2. Data sheet

The UMTS model wears a beautiful blue painting show. Also the housing acts as a cast: the rear solar panel integrates touch unobtrusive and even provides a pleasant touch quality, but also for one with 120 grams weight. The use of solar panels is to feel nothing in everyday life, by the way, it performs its service unobtrusively. Continue reading “Samsung Blue Earth S7550”

Fashion Christmas Sweater

The Christmas sweaters in 2015 are among the most ironic style accessories to wear during the holidays, but what are the most fashion models not to be missed and to show off this winter? The brand you are given a great deal to do to make the Christmas jumpers special, unexpected and funny.

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NoGoogle Tea Offers Microsoft Applications as Alternative to Google Apps for CM13

The next step after flashing a ROM on your Android is often install a basic package of Google Apps, or Gapps. The list of applications including varies the Packager, but the most basic is to include Google Play so other applications you can install on your own.

A member of XDA but has decided experience another type of package, having instead of include Google applications Microsoft’s or other manufacturers. The author explains that he created this package for those who want a better autonomy battery, not be spied upon by Google or simply experience. Continue reading “NoGoogle Tea Offers Microsoft Applications as Alternative to Google Apps for CM13”

Discover The Sunglasses Of Hollywood Actors

We Admire Them, We Praise Them, They Are Our Idols And We End Up Copying Them. Write Down The Glasses You Like Best!

Hollywood actor films are the world’s highest grossing films. The American film industry far surpasses the rest of the continents together. Hollywood is the goal for all those who make a career in film. They have the highest caches and the big companies will be riffled to be the protagonists of their advertising campaigns. Together with athletes, they are the true idols of the twentieth century and of what we take of the XXI. And, you know what?They love glasses!

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Symphonic Line CD Player

This player makes hearts beat

  1. Symphonic line CD player
  2. Data sheet

The fact is that the electronics of the Symphonic line sound is one of the elite. We believe the champion Rolf gifted with ultra fine ears so common, that he has heard his digital source, which he simply calls “The player” on all sides. That the coaxial digital output with a special phono plug completed heard that that equipped external power supply the best side is with a power amplifiers grade toroidal transformer (300 amperes) on the narrow side, that the player still gains even after months of import – and that he was with the hotel’s own “reference”-interconnect cable sounds best. Continue reading “Symphonic Line CD Player”

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?

The sports sunglasses Oakley carry incorporated a high quality definition technology “Higt Definition Optics” that optimize viewing quality and performance to improve the performance of professional athletes. Continue reading “Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?”

Trend Info: Spring/Summer 2016

We have the ultimate cure for the winter blues: the current bags and fashion trends for the spring / summer season 2016 in our trend Info! The new season just around the corner and hot bag trends and fashion highlights are waiting for you. The new looks guarantee true feelings – and provide for a relaxed casual time! Continue reading “Trend Info: Spring/Summer 2016”

Remix OS Beta Arrives on March 1 with Several New Features

Jide you have everything ready so that your version of Android to PC, Remix OS, give your first great evolutionary leap: going from alpha phase to open beta phase. Ex-Google just announced that starting from the 1 March anyone will be able to download free this new version more advanced and easier to install from your own website. They are strolling the MWC with its prototype Remix Pro.

The first big news is that for the first time will allow the direct installation on the hard disk for dual boot. Until then it is still necessary to have a memory 8GB USB 3.0 and follow these steps to turn it on. Continue reading “Remix OS Beta Arrives on March 1 with Several New Features”

LG GD510 Pop

Also LG wants to contribute to an improved climate and provides his 169 euro cheap touchscreen mobile phone LG GD510 pop option on a solar panel.

  1. LG GD510 pop
  2. Data sheet

The good piece costs 35 Euro extra and is simply replaced by the original battery. Through this action, the now 15 mm deep phone is only 3 mm thick.

Also enable the additional functions that appear automatically on the 3-inch resistive display when pushing on the solar cover is elegantly solved. Because when the sun shines and charges the battery, also a corresponding widget shine next to the battery indicator, battery low, and a Sun symbol. Continue reading “LG GD510 Pop”

How to Knit a Monkey Toy

Large knit special

Babies and toddlers love soft stuffed animals. Monkey Anton is the ideal companion for the first years of life. There’s the knitting pattern.


  • light brown, thin leather (80 x 5 cm)
  • King Cole merino blend DK 50 g in colors: Sky (05) × 2, B: oatmeal (41) × 1
  • Knitting needles 3 mm
  • Baumwollsticktwist in black and white
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Embroidery needle without lace
  • Darning needle

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Dresses For Weddings and Brides 2016 Maternity

Already late spring and beginning to enjoy pleasant temperatures, Sun and desire to make plans abroad… comes time to start looking for dresses for special celebrations of the spring and summer. Mit Mat Mamá knows that this search process can be very heavy and there are thousand more interesting things in which to invest your time right now, so you summarize this post everything you need to know to find the ideal dress is very quick and easy. Continue reading “Dresses For Weddings and Brides 2016 Maternity”

First Update of Remix Available OS and Promise of a 32-Bit Version

Remix OS developers have been busy lately. If a few days ago they put end to the controversy on the non-compliance or not licenses for any of the components of the operating system, today again to jump to the holders after publishing the first update Remix OS, version 2.0.1.

As you probably already know, Remix OS is a version of Android to PC with some modifications to make its use easier in a PC with keyboard and mouse. Some of these changes include a taskbar, a basic start menu and resizable windows. Continue reading “First Update of Remix Available OS and Promise of a 32-Bit Version”

Sony Alpha A7S

The A7S Alpha is equipped with a sensor full 12 Mpix format that goes up to 400,000 ISO, which manages 4K TV (UHD).

Sony had already surprised the world of photography with the A7 and A7R, two hybrids in very compact format equipped with a sensor full-format (full frame, 24 x 36 mm). The new A7S takes up exactly the same (small) chassis, the same design, the same mount E-FE but is given a 12 Mpix sensor. This could seem iconoclastic when you know that the A7R displays 36 Mpix to the meter: so what is the interest to offer a device with fewer pixels when there already exists the A7 with its 24 Mpix? Simply to target another market, namely that of the video.

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Legendary Jewelry Gem from Tiffany

Platinum and 587 125 Carat diamonds: Jean Schlumbergers “Stars and Moons” – chain, is a stunning one of a kind – like all other pieces of the Tiffany anniversary collection.

The classy jewelry company Tiffany & co. is an American institution for 175 years – already Abraham Lincoln went personally to Tiffany, to buy a story for his wife. Today, world’s 260 shops belong to the Tiffany Empire. The new collection of 2012 celebrates the anniversary with exquisite creations made from high-quality gems. Continue reading “Legendary Jewelry Gem from Tiffany”

Yamaha RX-V 861

A stereophilic multi channel artists

  1. Yamaha RX-V 861
  2. Data sheet

The RX-V 861 by Yamaha (900 euros) shows his stereophile inclination on the front: with the “pure direct”-button. Thus all circuits turn off that are not needed for immediate playback of stereo signals, so display, video board and also DSP. The result is clearly articulated than with the periphery. That is not enough and who the world on top of that has the appropriate terminals on its boxes, which can persuade the 861 also blessed with seven power amplifiers for bi-Amping. The amplifiers for the surround back channels take care of, for example, only the midrange, while the front channels dedicated to the bass – a separation of powers established for stereo signals. Continue reading “Yamaha RX-V 861”

Catrice Geometrix Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

Among the wonders of the Cosmoprof 2013 and the world Cosnova we had the opportunity to preview the next trend edition Catrice Cosmetics, make up the collection Geometrix.

A colored line and super inspired neon classicism and the works of Mondrian in which dominated the geometric shapes and strong colors such as red, blue and yellow, all of which Catrice wanted to combine together in Geometrix Collection.

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