HTC Desire 510, Could Release The Processor Snapdragon 410 64-Bit

The company HTC hands would have put to work to launch a terminal that was in its middle range, the HTC Desire 510. Perhaps within the plan that the Taiwanese company has to this end of 2014, having always very present the next IFA in Berlin which will be held in September.

One of the great innovations of the HTC Desire 510 would be the inclusion for the first time of the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64-bit, for ranges of innings with LTE. Furthermore and as expected it will be an improvement of the current HTC Desire 500 with rumored specifications that we will see later. Continue reading “HTC Desire 510, Could Release The Processor Snapdragon 410 64-Bit”

LG GD880 Mini

That is mini at the LG GD880 the new flagship from LG, the elaborate packaging already gives an idea. This is designed – shades, in which shines also the phone – black and silver-grey and shows the construction drawings of the provider of hope in four views along with dimension lines and holes.

  1. LG GD880 mini
  2. Data sheet

LG has set high expectations and talks about the beginning of the “age of a new generation of touchscreen phones in the Pocket format”. Can the mini meet this requirement? Continue reading “LG GD880 Mini”

An Event in Moscow Revealed The Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Not Be What Was Expected of It

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha We have seen him filtering on so many occasions that almost no longer or novelty, although Samsung, confirmed even by directors of the Korean firm, metal terminal still kept some surprise that today unveiled.

He has been in Moscow, where the new handset from Samsung will sponsor an event, and where it has shown its specifications, confirming that It will not be what we expected of it and that that denomination will finally be their trade nomenclature. Continue reading “An Event in Moscow Revealed The Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Not Be What Was Expected of It”

Samsung S3550

Samsung produces new phones nearly in the chord for the masses. The Samsung S3550 is another, compact and particularly cheap fashionable (under 100 euros on the Internet) that you like with decent basic virtues and a slightly transparent menu structure.

  1. Samsung S3550
  2. Data sheet

The South Koreans first and foremost on the quality of material that fails not quite so high, as otherwise Samsung realize the small price. Especially the battery cover in chrome finish is not too stable impression and diligently collects finger grease. The good workmanship and the clean-running slide mechanism but again enhance the look and feel. Continue reading “Samsung S3550”

L60, a Device Range LG LG Low Presented Officially in Russia

Not everything in LG revolves around the LG G3 and its multiple variants, since L III series continues with new terminals aimed at middle and low ranges for those not looking for a terminal with the latest technology on the market. This time the protagonist is the L60 LG, which has been officially presented in Russia. Continue reading “L60, a Device Range LG LG Low Presented Officially in Russia”

Speaker Spendor ST

The spendor ST (8000 euros the pair) resisted the trend to ever-higher levels of reserves and low bass messy. They focused on plasticity, is tonally independently. Quietly, she sounds very smooth and lively.

  1. Speaker spendor ST
  2. Data sheet

While not a few boxes manufacturer with eye-catching design and great use of materials trying to chase market share from their competitors, the British boxing forge spendor apparently holds little of such maneuvers.
Continue reading “Speaker Spendor ST”

LG G3 to Detailed Information about The New LG Android

It seems that LG has seen a reef in its new G3 range, and is that good criticisms have encouraged the Korean firm to keep naming and design to launch a whole family of smartphones to the purest style of their neighbors in Samsung.

Still awaiting a mysterious version G3 Stylus to compete with Galaxy Note range, today we present the new LG G3 TO, a terminal that will be a step below the original LG G3 but above the recently presented Beat G3 and G3 S.

The LG G3 to want to be a more economical version of the G3, but without renouncing a hardware to match that set him above the medium that are used on the Android platform. Continue reading “LG G3 to Detailed Information about The New LG Android”

Speaker of ASW Chelys

The high pitched ASW Chelys (9000 euros the pair) surrenders to Watt-frugal and appreciated amplifiers of all kinds. She sounds stressed alive in very precise imaging and high attention to detail. The listening area is scarce.

  1. Speaker of ASW Chelys
  2. Data sheet

With its lush height and numerous soft curves, the Chelys ASW is one of the visually bigger phenomena of our Sevens round. The character appearance is supported by a perfectionist way of processing with narrowest gaps and symmetrically paired veneers. Continue reading “Speaker of ASW Chelys”

The New Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact Teach Us Your Drawings and Dimensions

More leaks prior to the German IFA fair, and though most of which we have seen to date have been Samsung, Sony Japanese have failed to not revealing information about its future devices before submitting them.

It is not official information, but it is informal which Sony will present its new Z3 Xperia, Xperia Z3 Compact in Berlin, and it’s almost tradition that we know virtually everything the new xperia until they arrive, so here we show your CAD drawings with many details and their overall dimensions. Continue reading “The New Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact Teach Us Your Drawings and Dimensions”

Hearing Test Final ASW, Blumenhofer, Burmester, focal, Monitor Audio, Spendor, Thiel

The final hearing test was the elaboration of a ranking and the decisive for the test result allocation of sound points.

The listening test was clarity due to split in two. The first part was mainly to the basic characters of the test participants, less about comparisons with other boxes. You will find these terms sound descriptions in the respective boxes.

The second passage was the elaboration of a ranking and the decisive for the test result allocation of sound points, broken down in five individual events, which are shown in the results tables with vertical red bars. Continue reading “Hearing Test Final ASW, Blumenhofer, Burmester, focal, Monitor Audio, Spendor, Thiel”

HP Slate 6 Voicetab, Analysis

It is curious to see how a few years ago HP pioneered a manufacturer with the manufacture of PDAs and laptops convertible similar, in form, which now provide other companies with Windows 8. Precisely because of this innovative nature it is difficult to understand that the U.S. not mess in a market as in the smartphones.

Has finally done so in their own way and with a somewhat special format: a phablet of six inches. A size that has as many fans as detractors. Price support, 250 euros, to position themselves against other mobile mid-range. Now well is attractive enough to be an option to consider when you buy a large, cost-effective smartphone? Find out in our analysis. Continue reading “HP Slate 6 Voicetab, Analysis”

Speaker Thiel CS 2.4 SE

The tailor counts as 2.4 SE (8800 euro) had among the best in their League, but the competition has become stronger. The SE version sounds somewhat rounder than the original unchanged excellent room figure.

  1. Speaker Thiel CS 2.4 SE
  2. Data sheet

For loyal stereoplay readers 2.4 of the American boxing legend Thiel CS is a kind of constant companion who is again seven years after appearing in slightly revised form in the race.

Flashback to the September 2003: after long months of waiting, the first available couples of then dewy CS 2.4 in the stereoplay listening room lands. A furious test follows including highlight and the rare distinction of “Favourite of editor”. Continue reading “Speaker Thiel CS 2.4 SE”

Mini N1 Oppo, Detailed Information about The New Oppo Android

Yesterday it leaked Oppo Mobile India social network, and did, indicating that his presentation was very close. Nothing further from the truth, as the Mini N1 oppo has made official today.

His presentation has been very quiet, especially knowing that months ago that le conocimos with other specifications, a list of hardware that Oppo has changed for her official arrival.

Submitted through the website of Oppo in Malaysia, and here you destem final details about a device that probably will be available in the coming weeks at the Oppo shop for Europe. Continue reading “Mini N1 Oppo, Detailed Information about The New Oppo Android”

Speaker Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3

The Watt-frugal Blumenhofer Genuin FS 30 (8900 EUR the pair) opts for Dynamics and plasticity. The dry bass calls for a tends to be close to wall installation. The directivity allows listening distances.

  1. Speaker Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3
  2. Data sheet

Average citizens are likely to bring the name Blumenhofer hardly with the construction of high-quality sound transducer in connection. But in the sound system scene and for fans of tube amps small South German boxes forge enjoys cult status long ago. Company owner Thomas Blumenhofer to horns, which absorb high long with the big players in the industry stumbled about in search for more than 30 years. Continue reading “Speaker Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3”

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, All The Information about The New Android of Xiaomi

The Chinese company Xiaomi follow wind aft announcing new terminals with a great balance of price and features. Not in vain already presented Redmi Note, 120 euros.

Today we see the natural evolution of the same that happens to use a SoC Qualcomm and is compatible with every day most popular networks announced 4 G, We speak of Redmi Note 4 G. Continue reading “Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, All The Information about The New Android of Xiaomi”

Speaker Burmester B-30

The Burmester B 30 (9000 euros the pair) dispenses with highlighting and spectacular individual features in favor of a neutral and long term stress poor gameplay. The holographic-accurate spatial features.

  1. Speaker Burmester B-30
  2. Data sheet

The strikingly slim shaped B-30 Berlin high end Manufactory Burmester pays homage to the factual cool look of the 90s and is so easily fits in environments of various kinds, whether modern, classic or timeless. Continue reading “Speaker Burmester B-30”

Lenovo Vibe Pro Z2, The Information

Rumors to reality. So Lenovo presents the Z2 Pro vibe, your new smartphone’s large diagonal officially unveiled today. It does, of course, after giving a ride with in detail by the network.

This 6-inch giant comes as standard-bearer for the computer giant in the field more purely phablet. As it was leaked, it comes with a great Quad HD screen and specifications at the height of the best on the market. Continue reading “Lenovo Vibe Pro Z2, The Information”

Sony Ericsson Hazel

Sliders have a long tradition at Sony Ericsson. The most recent specimen of this species is Hazel for 239 euro, which is large and 120 grams, also quite heavy in the hand. The operation succeeds yet easily thanks to the softly rounded back and the balanced balance.

  1. Sony Ericsson Hazel
  2. Data sheet

While the Sony Ericsson Hazel makes her a lot with its metal frame on the front and the circular battery cover, detailed processing of the splash-proof housing is not quite optimal. So the Slider mechanics in the last area is difficult to move, and also creaking noises are not alien to the Hazel. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Hazel”

Huawei Also Has Pointed to The Finishes “Premium” with His New Ascend D3

Chinese manufacturers are going strong in the market, especially a Huawei and Lenovo still missing to make the leap to the range more noble in international markets.

We know that in his native China, both firms have very interesting pointers devices, but in our markets has not been lavished much more looking terminals with great value for money, that they do not play directly into the League of the best.

Huawei is one of the manufacturers which most seriously was taken up the IFA fair, which takes place each September in the German capital and that presents the best of manufacturers from the end of the year campaign, mostly focusing on the European market. Continue reading “Huawei Also Has Pointed to The Finishes “Premium” with His New Ascend D3″

Speaker Focal Electra 1038 Be II.

The focal Electra 1038 be II (9200 euros the pair) shines with great unity and is suitable for all styles and expectations. You cope with high level, resolves closely and acts like the famous rock of ages.

  1. Speaker focal Electra 1038 be II.
  2. Data sheet

The French boxing specialist focal has transducer with the family name “Electra” for several years in the program. Superficial thinking could be the idea, the second generation of the upscale 1000 series with beryllium tweeter launched a few months ago was just a face lift. Continue reading “Speaker Focal Electra 1038 Be II.”

Nokia 6700 Slide

Nokia phones have the reputation to be more slightly conservative. The famous exception to this rule is the Nokia 6700 slide, because the slide technique presented itself in the connect test as a very sharp piece.

  1. Nokia 6700 slide
  2. Data sheet

The 219-euro UMTS model is most beautiful to have bright colors not only in six, but also boasts a complete metal housing. The processing of the outer skin as also the Slider mechanics must simply considered to be perfect. Here everything – that also applies to the comfortable handle cheap design is just right. Continue reading “Nokia 6700 Slide”

Six Models of Samsung Galaxy Alpha Have Passed Certification WiFi

We are still waiting for official information about the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Terminal leaked in images a few days ago with its first data, showing a metal construction and specifications directly linked to compete on equal terms with Apple’s iPhone.

We know little more about the device or family of devices, but the truth is that the WiFi certification agency It’s been up to six different devices belonging to the same range.

We speak of the “SM-G850F”, “SM-G850S”, “SM-G850K”, “SM-G850L”, “SM-G850A” and “SM-G850W”, possibly identical in hardware if we look at the model code, but different almost safely in connectivity, different according to the market of destination of each model. Continue reading “Six Models of Samsung Galaxy Alpha Have Passed Certification WiFi”