Yamaha RX-V 1700

Who has a musical so peppy, plastic and clean receiver, does not – at least not affordable – need integrated amplifier.

  1. Yamaha RX-V 1700
  2. Data sheet

On the bi-amp little trick its previous Yamaha understood RX-V 1600, which was so plump equipped, that there are 1700 hardly profiling opportunities for the successor. Enhancing its HDMI capabilities mentioned includes also the connection for Yamaha’s own iPod dock. Despite the changes low on paper Yamaha has built a completely new receiver 1700s with the. And like the bigger 2700 now comes 1700 without cooling fan for many of the most important innovation. Continue reading “Yamaha RX-V 1700”

Focal Chorus 706 V

Even though Italy has become the fashionable Centre of Europe – for the speakers, the French are in terms of “Chic” to have a massive say.

  1. Focal chorus 706 V
  2. Data sheet

Focal gave a striking “new-edge design” on the way to its chorus-V series Actually it is two series: the 700 are kept in wood all around, the 800cc shine in addition with acrylic surfaces. In the compact class, the francophile listeners can choose: the 806 V shines, costs some euros for more than 706 V – identical sizes of drivers. Speaking of driver: technically, the Focalists can burn anything, the woofer from Polyglaß is adequately dimensioned with 17 centimeters for a compact box. Continue reading “Focal Chorus 706 V”

Marantz SR 6001

The SR-6001 Marantz has a rare blend of finest detail drawing and of course rich timbres trained – a special treat with multichannel music.

  1. Marantz SR 6001
  2. Data sheet

More expensive brother 7001 SR 6001 outwardly only by an infinitesimal differs from its 400 euros: the THX logo is missing from the logo Gallery on its front panel. Prima. This saves ink, but above all royalties and sound no downside.

Two HDMI inputs instead of four, a total slightly less inputs and outputs – the other savings are likely to ever fall on only operators of extremely complex systems. To make matters worse, he delivered 6001 identical laboratory performance values such as the 7001 – Marantz has deleted apparently just what eh nobody needs. Continue reading “Marantz SR 6001”

Omnitronic 2250 Turntable

The Omnitronic DD-2250 sound makes impression for 180 euros.

  1. Omnitronic 2250 turntable
  2. Data sheet

Almost as hard as the brute Numark, the Omnitronic seems DD-2250 sound for half the price. The player is a wholly-owned copy of the professional classic of Technics SL-1210 – plus some of the features that the original did not outwardly.

As the connector for Fader-start with the players from the mixer you can drive up. Serious DJ tool, the necessary torque while missing the Omnitronic, purely sonically, this loose musical player is but quite attractive, as long as he shows not the humming of the test device: the longer the pickup approached the motor, the clearer sprinkled the drive in the output signal. AUDIO is an outlier here.

Omnitronic DD-2250

Manufacturer Omnitronic
Price €180.00
Rating 50.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: B: 45.0 x H: T: 15.0 x 35.0 cm
Weight: 12.0 kg
Color Silver
Speeds 33 1 / 3, 45 rpm
Construction shock absorbing feet
Height-adjustable feet
Speed conversion electronic
Tone arm height adjustment
Speed regulator electronic
Pitchregulierung during playback
Drive Direct
Shut-off No
Measured values
Speed deviation 0.10%
Tracking rated 0,116
Measuring record 61 dB
Rumble noise coupler 62 dB
Power consumption standby 2.3 W
Low-cost, direct-driven Technics copy, excellent price / weight ratio
Bearing adjustment sloppy, weak torque for the disco
Sound satisfactory (50 points)
Sound judgment satisfying 50
tested in issue: 4 / 07


Exposure S 3010 CD

On the scale, a light-weight, in sound but a very large

  1. Exposure S 3010 CD
  2. Data sheet

The founders of exposure, John Farlowe, power amps for the who, before his first exposure creations Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd has built. Famous early words by Farlowe: “An amplifier is a frequency-modulated power supply.” That sounds like gravity, great performance and toroidal transformers in size of British bowler hats. Who lifts the CD player from the 3010er series, will not feel all these values. With five kilos, he represents a flyweight in the test field. Continue reading “Exposure S 3010 CD”

Pro-Ject Turntable Vinyl 2000 HC 16

The sounding Antiqität uses parts which were yesterday from yesterday – but nonetheless elegant sound.

  1. Pro-Ject turntable vinyl 2000 HC 16
  2. Data sheet

The uniquely bizarre participants of the test can be found at the left end of the price scale. The components of the vinyl 2000, enough for a small series, came according to legend, for cleanups in a remote corner of the Czech Pro-Ject plant to light: development apparently completed, produced parts, but never installed. This man has made up now – estimated 30 years later – and the “HC 16” chassis with its tiny eight inch plates and delicate arms on a regular Pro-Ject frame screwed. Continue reading “Pro-Ject Turntable Vinyl 2000 HC 16”

Speaker TMR Standard III C

Uncompromising as their developers: the TMR standard III c

  1. Speaker TMR standard III c
  2. Data sheet

The name TMR – he stands for the initials of the founder of Thomas Michael Rudolph – makes it clear that box and person should be considered barely separately. Almost as an alternative to the grassroots development of Quadral, the Berliners are a small, fine high end factory with charismatic handlebars and thinkers now 34 years. Continue reading “Speaker TMR Standard III C”

Turntables Numark TT-500

Numark TT-500 shows a truly consistent DJ tool.

  1. Turntables Numark TT-500
  2. Data sheet

Acceleration and braking its powerful engine are separated and infinitely adjustable. Almost instantly the drive reached every any speed from 16 to over 100 turns, and – Yes – forward and backwards, where he recovers like a Flash of male stunts. The TT-500 is not tempted to creative vinyl liner–it forces to do so.

Unusually also the arm that comes with two different tubes: extreme scratcher mount the Unbroken stub, old school DJs, home users and AUDIO tester the classic S boom. It runs a directly mounted Concorde system from Ortofon, that really makes Hi-Fi version ‘Broadcast E’ ideally. To provide reasonably fair conditions in the test, screwed the testers but a cheap Audio-Technica AT 95 in the headshell, set out on a rustic ride cool – and were not disappointed: the 13-kilo player sounded in the bass gnarled and punchy, revamped, however, round and soft. The detail of a Technics 1210 was missing the Numark is located on the lower stiffness of the multi-part arm. The harmonious, roiling only at high environment levels slightly stronger overall sound did however not detract. Continue reading “Turntables Numark TT-500”

Denon DCD-2000 E

This CD player shines with computing power and exemplary architecture

  1. Denon DCD-2000 æ
  2. Data sheet

To elicit more content of CD, Denon opts for “Advanced AL24 Processing” and thus offers an upsampling of 176.4 kHz, 24-bit PCM data. Also, the Japanese are addicted to the benefits of the Super Audio CD. Denon packed both ideals in the DCD-2000 etc. Through this player, the brand keeps only the DCD-SA1 as flagship – for 7500 euro. The 2000 AE represents almost a bargain with its price of 1650 euros however. Continue reading “Denon DCD-2000 E”

Turntable SME Model 20/12

With this turntable, you need no audiophile plates – since each disc is a real pleasure.

  1. Turntable SME model 20/12
  2. Data sheet

In the total price of the slightly more expensive than the Linn in full equipment, the SME is about the classic model 20 20/12 no batches available – and not through upgrades of existing drives. He is a separate, new model, planned and implemented as a vehicle for the new twelve-inch arm 312 S. This most expensive under the long arms of SME (there is still the cheap M2-12 and a standard size 312) based on the camps and the cast magnesium tube of the legendary model V, which extend the precision model makers without further ADO to three inches. A new mould would have expected for today’s numbers probably in 80 years. The scheduled, cylindrical piece while not continues the exponential curvature of the original. That should but doesn’t change, that of 312 S of the finest, most stiff Zwölfzöller of Steyning is came – or somewhere else. Continue reading “Turntable SME Model 20/12”

Nubert NuWave 35

Her motto: “form follows function”. And its sound?

  1. Nubert NuWave 35
  2. Data sheet

Boxes tinkerer Günter Nubert undergoes his designs to a “continuous improvement process”. Without a decorative “mark 2” designation, there are the NuWave 35 for some time with optimized crossover. With a pair of price of 530 euro, it fits right into this test field – may not quite keep up but in terms of optics. Offers only Matt film and is a similar painting on the rounded baffle. The motto “form follows function”: the rounding is used as asymmetric high sound editing of avoid audible reflections of edges in the direction of the receiver. Continue reading “Nubert NuWave 35”

Marantz SA 15 S1

Noble and strong: the Marantz SA 15 S1

  1. Marantz SA 15 S1
  2. Data sheet

The new SA 15 for 1500 euros so not with his massive, elegant blue illuminated front and middle centered, elegant of sliding drawer acts as a big brother of the SA 7001 KI. If there are similarities within the Marantz player lines because, they are 11 S1 (3000 euro) from the SA of 15 to the larger top models such as the SA. The most solid drive, capital power, the highly reputable D/A converter chip Crystal CS 4396, the output amplifier is built up from individual transistors – are all noble genes from the high pedigree, which can expect a well delineated sound result. Continue reading “Marantz SA 15 S1”

CD Player Naim CDX 2

The British Naim CDX2 belongs clearly to the Sonic world

  1. CD player Naim CDX 2
  2. Data sheet

The Naim CDX 2, 4600 euro costs more than three times as much as the 15-Marantz – and that for a player, who on the outside has much in common with just 1200 euro expensive CD 5i? And again 4300 euro for an additional power supply? Well, everything is relative. In the player the Englishman, the CDX 2 plays only the third violin, before the top loader rank CDS 3 (8500 EUR) as well as CD 555 (17000 euro). And the two self-sufficient also from the top charger CD 555 HP for measly 7,000 euros – the maximum good and up expensive power supply has a tradition in the House of Naim. Continue reading “CD Player Naim CDX 2”

Motorola Backflip in the Test

Motorola’s backflip, backflip to german, called his in this country second Android Smartphone, which is available in the United States since March.

  1. Motorola backflip in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The name refers to the special folding mechanism: instead to align display and full QWERTY keyboard, the display is folded away to the rear. Back is also the hinge, which takes place usually on the front. On top of that come the two housing parts hardly get in the way.

So, the complete surface of the keyboard part for great controls available is for the Motorola Backflip. Actually huge fail that at around 8 x 8 mm, are labeled in big and bright and evenly lit. A continuous cover prevents that dirt in the housing can get, gentle curves help the fingers at the orientation. Continue reading “Motorola Backflip in the Test”

Accuphase DP-500

Usually reaches its name, to snap to tongues. How good is the new classy player from the House of Accuphase?

  1. Accuphase DP-500
  2. Data sheet

The technical limitations of the CD format should be actually exhausted after more than 20 years: 44.1 kilohertz sampling rate provide approximately 20 kilohertz frequency bandwidth, the 16-bit data words about 65500 different amplitudes or 96 decibels maximum dynamics. Devices such as the Accuphase combination show how much behind the cold figures are still potential, DC-800/DP-801. Continue reading “Accuphase DP-500”

Creek Evolution IA

Creek “Evolution Integrated Amplifier” comes from the same gene pool as the excellent big brother “Destiny”. There are large Sonic differences?

  1. Creek evolution IA
  2. Data sheet

The sound processed flask weighs heavily, which is mainly because of the toroidal and the large heatsink. The look under the hood reveals some differences to the expensive destiny. Instead of ten electrolytic capacitors smooth and seven in the Evo “only” four per channel the power supply for the two instead of four power transistors per amplifier. The pairs are also simpler wired as the quartets in the big brother. Instead of “quasi complementary”, the Evo in the conventional, slightly higher to distortion “push-pull” mode is to the point. Continue reading “Creek Evolution IA”

MB Quart Alexxa B-one

The German manufacturer MB quart is known a traditional brand for home-HiFi – and today more for Car HiFi speakers and headphones.

  1. MB quart Alexxa B-one
  2. Data sheet

The new series of the Alexxa is a well-thought-out, developed from impression. Without optically to polarize, the compact box shows B-one design independence with the increasingly narrower rear housing, wood veneers and the waisted baffle. The latter is, however, not a fashion accessory, but should make emissions more evenly and edge reflections keep away from the listener – already at 2100 Hz the tweeter must use namely, so in an area where he is still very wide broadcasting. So deep metal dome play the easiest way – the Alexxa tweeter has a clear membrane response above the hearing range, for it shows low distortion factors. Continue reading “MB Quart Alexxa B-one”

Canton GLE 407

Canton has the new GLE deliberately more simply designed with perforated steel grille, which makes the GLE 407 as only in the test really katzen – and child-resistant.

  1. Canton GLE 407
  2. Data sheet

Behind aluminum, and that fires not optical, but sound reasons: Canton installed in the GLE series simplified versions of light-alloy driver known from the more expensive series. The 407 has two in the 16-centimeter format, running concurrently to 300 Hertz. In the lower bass out of the couples from himself, upper passing only at 3200 Hertz on a fabric dome tweeter. Continue reading “Canton GLE 407”

Heco Victa 300

Sounds at low power output: the Heco Victas can sound even with smaller amps.

  1. Heco Victa 300
  2. Data sheet

Believe it or not – the pair price of the Heco Victa actually 195 euro. Victa 300 is the larger model in the series, which technically and sonically has nothing common with the old Vitas. Large woofer (6.5-inch) fabric Dome, rounded body shape, bi-wiring Terminal and a good quality of grab – a bit of high end flair is also available in this price range. The clay Heco relies on proven: the woofer has a sturdy cardboard diaphragm, the tweeter a fabric dome tweeter. The entry price products comes from the same sales MAGNAT monitor 220 for only 160 euro, which optically clear rounded behind the Victa with her remains reflex tube and its dark wood look. Continue reading “Heco Victa 300”

Turntable, Denon DP-300 F

The new Denon PD-300 F arouses suspicion as a fully automatic machine for purists initially, convinced but at second sight with a really serious tone arm.

  1. Turntable, Denon DP-300 F
  2. Data sheet

For later upgrades, the first player in the alphabetically ordered test provides a solid base equal: the new Denon PD-300 F awakens as a fully automatic machine for purists initially convinced suspicion, but on second glance with a really serious tone arm. This may carry slightly superior needles due to backlash-free bearings, torsion resistant all-metal construction and clean designed geometry as that of the simple packaging system. Has to check its alignment (the data can be found in the manual) and tightened the headshell screws loose from the factory to the Denon sounds somewhat dark, but very clean and balanced. A direct Upgrade bedarf is not so, especially since the player via its built-in phono preamp wins even more freshness. Continue reading “Turntable, Denon DP-300 F”

Turntable Thorens TD 170

A reliable fully automatic made in Germany, which can be fun.

  1. Turntable Thorens TD 170
  2. Data sheet

The Thorens TD 170 plays an Ortofon OMB 10, so close to the limit, even with its standard system that a swap is no longer makes sense. This is because on the one hand, that the pickup is much better and fits well to the arm. On the other hand, the Black Forest drive earlier reaches limits.

Fully-automatic machine is similar to that of the dual 415, dominated but also the rare 78 rpm and meets the Groove plate sizes and speed dial thanks to separate even in Maxi-singles correctly. It would relieve the Thorens plates with badly deburred or simply too narrow medium holes because his plate rotates around a fixed central mandrel, braking too tight fitting plates. Continue reading “Turntable Thorens TD 170”

Focal Electra 1037 BE

Top marks the focal pocketing for their processing: the red-stained cherry wood beams, the varnish has a noble, a glass plate adorns the top of the box. She sounds so noble as she looks?

  1. Focal Electra 1037 BE
  2. Data sheet

The fans of the French company focal can be proud on “their” brand. Grande utopia is your dream – a boxing monument of 70000 euro. Little more than a tenth of that cost the Electra 1037 be, but the relationship is clear: the beryllium tweeter has his own metal dwelling. That is bent to give no chance to edge reflections – because emits the inverted Dome to the page at the bottom between 2 and 6 kilohertz. Continue reading “Focal Electra 1037 BE”

Compact Speaker MAGNAT Quantum 703

Visually conveys the new quantum 703 of Tycoon value and underlined their claim to the coveted “High End” attribute.

  1. Compact speaker MAGNAT quantum 703
  2. Data sheet

The case surprised by its trapezoid shape, the high-gloss paint holds easily from the technical standpoint with significantly more expensive speakers. An aluminum woofer, whose Membran was provided by anodizing on both sides with a thin layer of ceramic produced deep and medium tones. This makes the metal more rigid and very successful in preventing membrane resonances. Continue reading “Compact Speaker MAGNAT Quantum 703”