RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3 G

BlackBerrys are a synonym for business devices – communication professionals for busy employees who must also go always to read their E-mail and answer or want to. It is also today still so – except that RIM maintains not only the typical design so important to many tipsters full keyboard.

  1. RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3 G
  2. Data sheet

So this comes brand new RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3 G with the numeric keypad of classic mobile phones, small dimensions and meager 96 grams weight much leaner and more manageable so as about the breakers BlackBerry bold. Thus it is intended – Blackberry Pearl 3 G a potential device for the masses, and less for the professional group and without alternative input to connect-definition also not a Smartphone. Continue reading “RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3 G”

Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition

Earlier this year Nokia has the free version of our navigation software for some of its S60 models brought Ovi maps on the market and thus provided for a small landslide in the Navibranche. The announcement had an immediate slump of the stock prices of leading manufacturer of stand-alone-Navis resulted in January.

  1. Nokia 2710 navigation Edition
  2. Data sheet

Such a scope is with the introduction of the candy bar phones Nokia present now to test 2710 cannot be expected Edition navigation. Yet it’s also a small revolution, because Nokia transported the idea of free navigation with this model for the first time in a price range that is aimed at the mass market. One more reason to very closely watch the 129 euro cheap navigation specialists. Continue reading “Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition”

Samsung C3510 Genoa

The C3510 Genoa marks our entry into the world of touch screen from Samsung. The quadband model costs 129 euro officially, is usually but for under 100 euros over the counter of the online retailer. The dreary plastic look of the Samsun C3510 looks a bit antiquated.

  1. Samsung C3510 Genoa
  2. Data sheet

Processing however comes up on creaking noise when operating without major irregularities. The 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen offers a fairly bright and detailed representation of the content in QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels). Continue reading “Samsung C3510 Genoa”

Six Monitors in Comparison

Unless the navigation, video playback or as a screen for the car-PC – monitors in the car are de rigueur. autohifi tests six screens and installation tips.

It was a secret revolution. Monitors initially only in the upper class was seen as navigation screens, the screens from modern cars are so today. But while monitors at the factory are used mainly as an indicator for the infotainment system, it may go to slightly fuller retrofit: here the hip flasks are used except for the navigation of the show – DVD, car PC and multimedia greetings. The areas of application and monitor types are diverse: If you want a monitor for the dashboard and car radio replacement, which reaches best for a Moniceiver (see test starting on page 14). A separate screen in the dashboard is optimal, if one wants to change anything on the car radio and still want to come to enjoy video entertainment, a rear-view camera or fixed built-in navigation. For the latter, there are even touch screens with appropriate navigation-black boxes. Continue reading “Six Monitors in Comparison”


We waited a few equipment longer and tenser than on the Super player nad M5. Now he will. And what long-lasting…

  1. NAD M5
  2. Data sheet

Editorial staff and readership gathered eagerly of 2250 euros so Atypically expensive M5, the ambitious “masters” series by NAD CD/SACD player.

The now Canadian Taiwanese company was known traditionally for more rustic manufactured equipment, providing excellent sound in the lower price segment, that so the player by house developers Bjorn Erik Edvardsen breaks already outside with this past: processing and the inner workings of present of the finest about 8.6 kilograms heavy, steel-clad players earned admiring glances, when he finally arrived in the newsroom. Finally, the port field is highendige ambitions as well as the serious care “Multi-channel capability,” added. In addition to the standard facilities, there are professional AES/EBU connectors for the digital transmission of stereo CD data; the analog counterparts have RCA and balanced XLR connectors and pin-assignment demonstration; There are also RCA jacks for all six channels of corresponding SACDs and last but not least a RS-232 interface for connection to Windows PC. Continue reading “NAD M5”

Power Amplifier Eton FA 5000

With the force of FA 5000 Eton builds a power amplifier for all, is enough, just not enough.

Hello, what is it? “The digital SPL Mono amplifier Eton force FA 5000 is a competition amplifier and not CE-approved.” It is intended exclusively for use in competition vehicles SPL.” The manual of the Eton force FA 5000 (1300 Euro) speaks plain text. Who like to relax with Chamber music or Russian, which should give a wide berth to the amplifier. And who likes his steak not bloody, scrubbing his teeth not with a steel brush and drinks not Tabasco instead of bottled water, which will be eh too weak to heave the 70 cm long and feels like 70 kilo amplifier in his trunk. For real men In short: The Eton is for men who compete with the knife between his teeth to the SPL competition. And it also want to win. According to this interpretation of the reason little jewels and ornaments can be found at and on Eton. The housing consists of a powerful, whopping 33 cm wide casting profile in trendy matte black, which bears the Eton logo painted on and the model designation. Force – is there anything more important? Continue reading “Power Amplifier Eton FA 5000”

Creative ZEN Stone

So small and even an MP3 player: Creative ZEN Stone 1 GB for $40 is a minimalist.

  1. Creative ZEN Stone
  2. Data sheet

Don’t worry, the ZEN Stone from creative is also available in Lifeguards colors than black. In pink about, blue or yellow, or in iPod White. For cheap 40 euro to get a ultra light, ultra small in every color (five centimeters wide with barely a quarter of the photos) and extremely easy-to-use player. Because the tiny is polarity only on music; Therefore, he needs no display and no cumbersome operation. In addition to MP3 files of all sizes play also protected and unprotected WMA files. The sound is decent, slightly chubby and Center weighted, the bass is sufficient with good headphones. With bad (the enclosed for example) treble and bass are lost quickly – then it becomes stale. Continue reading “Creative ZEN Stone”

BC Acoustique ACT A3

All people of lesser-known manufacturer BC Acoustique tamed the tweeter Horn – and delivered a boxing insider tip for Hall listening rooms AUDIO.

  1. BC Acoustique ACT A3
  2. Data sheet

Can you infer from the appearance of a component on the sound? Believed to be legends of the high end world tubes should sound always warm, silky fabric dome and foil converter, na clear, transparent. Such totally unproven logic invalidated at least now the French company BC Acoustique: your horn tweeter sounds despite Horn look silver bright nor pointed. On the contrary: In the AUDIO test which stunned stand box Act A3 with cultured sounds – and it also difficult room acoustics. Continue reading “BC Acoustique ACT A3”

B & W 683

With the new 6-series B & W wants to make its expensive reference speaker sound quality.

  1. B & W 683
  2. Data sheet

The art of boxing manufacturer is to build a transducer, which get a decent performance in as many rooms – with an acoustic range, which does not exclude musical facets of style.

In the light of the 8 series

One that has written this goal on its flags, resided in England. Bowers & Wilkins is one of the absolute giants in the niche market of high end manufacturers. Instead of a face lift decided the B & W engineers now to a total redesign. Voila, there are the new 6 series, and especially the flagship of the series, the stand box 683. Continue reading “B & W 683”

Sonics Argenta Edition

Sonics built the shooting star under the small monitors with the Argenta. Now there’s a new twist.

  1. Sonics Argenta Edition
  2. Data sheet

Compared to the “standard”-Argenta practises “Argenta Edition” in a more back and takes a small step in the direction of mainstream. Sure, a shortcoming for detail fetishist that want to investigate with the acoustic microscope covered by batons or coughing musicians a plus but for lovers of more coherent sounds, and musical relaxation. Developer Gerhard dampened his tweeter slightly to achieve a balanced sound in the room. Compared to the standard model, the new cone WINS bass quality and clearly-defined sound. In the 400 euro high-quality woods and better coatings including are extra charge. Who wants to revel more in gentle, lush sound and prefers a more refined look, the “Edition” is exactly in the right place. Those who prefer a more detailed and clearer sound, can confidently access to the standard model, which continue to have is for 1200 euros. Continue reading “Sonics Argenta Edition”

Advance Acoustic MAP 105

Advance acoustic MAP 105 amplifier will not only technically surpass its predecessor MAP 103.

  1. Advance acoustic MAP 105
  2. Data sheet

Pop and rock fans will have their enjoyment of this amplifier. Because the new, 400-euro advance acoustic MAP 105 provides sound for its price range a very good precision and a surprising dynamic range; in terms of space and stability with high volumes, he is also dazzling – beats all properties which distinguish also the other amplifier of brand. With classical music but has the competitor NAD C 325 BEE nose front – its midrange sound slightly warmer, and voices seem more alive. Continue reading “Advance Acoustic MAP 105”

Yamaha RX-V 2700

At first glance 2700 looks the RX-V exactly like its predecessor 2600. But the Yamaha developers have changed not only the imprint on their star receiver.

  1. Yamaha RX-V 2700
  2. Data sheet

The Yamaha RX-V 2700 looks as seen from front identical like its predecessor. The only difference with closed cover: no THX logo.

Properly saved

The THX logo is missing indeed – what no one resents the Yamaha planners at least in the AUDIO Editor, because the certification costs money and takes not much else. Even who flirts with a THX box set from hell, must not turn away from the 2700 – as long as the crossover frequency to the woofer is set correctly to 80 Hertz, the boxes on the RX-V must play worse 2700 not one whit. At least not the lack of the THX playback mode would be to blame. Continue reading “Yamaha RX-V 2700”

Advance Acoustic EZY-7 AV Receiver

With the advance acoustic EZY-7 you can leave even your CDs in the closet – thanks to iPod dock, the 600-euro receiver has the makings of the music server.

  1. Advance acoustic EZY-7 AV receiver
  2. Data sheet

While some HiFi fans always the iPod is still the epitome of data reduction – and thus of cultural decline – see, handles the matter advance acoustic dogmatic: the manufacturer builds on the one hand classical budget-high-end, powerful amps and impressive player at realistic prices. On the other hand he offered early noble dock tubes tipped MIP dock that made the shirt music server to the fully fledged HiFi component. Continue reading “Advance Acoustic EZY-7 AV Receiver”

Harman/Kardon AVR 745

The big Harman lost compared to the predecessor pounds and centimeters. Furs big home theater it is still better.

  1. Harman/Kardon AVR 745
  2. Data sheet

Ten pounds lighter, flat, three centimeters shorter 7.5: Besides the predecessor 7300 AVR 745 has almost compact. Especially the brain is grown instead of muscles, explodes is the number of options, and burgeoned the setting menus are. Nothing confusing much is self explanatory. Despite its radical appearance, so absolutely no beginners amp is the 745 Continue reading “Harman/Kardon AVR 745”

Onkyo TX-SR 605

With the TX-SR 605, Onkyo brings the first receiver with HDMI 1.3 – and surpassed not only the competition, but also the development of the player.

  1. Onkyo TX-SR 605
  2. Data sheet

Who will make it first, the new sound formats that entice on Blu-ray and HD-DVD to play back in all its glory? A noble goal, no dubious gimmick: The lossless compressed multi-channel formats DTS-HD Master lossless and Dolby TrueHD are actually “lossless” – the studios not working with higher resolution, and most theaters can dream of just. Continue reading “Onkyo TX-SR 605”

Tannoy Glenair 10

A shimmering Horn brings the new Tannoy captivating dynamic – and a wonderfully plausible picture of the room.

  1. Tannoy Glenair 10
  2. Data sheet

Already in 1947, the engineers of the British tradition company developed a coaxial chassis and christened it ‘Dual Concentric’. This design principle has also the Glenair 10, built in 2007, nothing changed. Same two mystical attributes the 4500 euro box combined: “Horn” and “Coax”, traded under HiFi fans often as guarantors for Dynamics or figure. And also the Glenair can proliferate with this pounds… Continue reading “Tannoy Glenair 10”

T + A Criterion TS 200

Real HiFi friends let it RIP also good: you prefer adult standing speakers with decent low bass Foundation. Something like the T + A criterion TS 200.

  1. T + A criterion TS 200
  2. Data sheet

Developers are only human. Some have broadcast, others do not. Who, for example, still is perceived if he continues on the other side of the road. The Porter on their service cards doesn’t even speak to people without charisma, when she past scurry at the reception. Siegfried Amft, the boss of T + A, is one of the first type. And when the man from the east Westphalian Herford from its big boxes raves, you know already about how they sound and for whom they were designed. Transducer, equipped for expeditions in the low Empire. And – nomen est omen – speaker, just true “according to” speaker. Continue reading “T + A Criterion TS 200”

Turntable Thorens TD 700

The Thorens turntable family receives an interesting increase. Is the 1000-Euro drive TD 700 with its newly constructed at the end of the more expensive 8-series competition?

  1. Turntable Thorens TD 700
  2. Data sheet

Other technical aspects distinguish the TD 700 of his relatives – a different drive for example. The power supply for the synchronous motor and electronic speed change is firmly installed, the classic Thorens flat belt drives the inner plate and is therefore better protected from dust as the outside running rubber on the 810. In our AUDIO laboratory the drive delivered ever impeccable results. Especially the performance proves to be extremely constant: If there something Echevarria, then the culprit is a sloppy press plant rather – even a millimeter has eccentricity of the LP 20 times bigger pitch variations result. externally the Thorens what’s here also. The heavy base plate consists of medium density fibre and is supplied in black, dark blue or red paint. Pure and noble is also the 2.4 kg platter made of transparent acrylic, which is covered by a thin felt mat. Continue reading “Turntable Thorens TD 700”

T + A Criterion TS 400

After the Valley of XM, T + A again builds a classic compact monitor. Who was in the near-field intimately, but surprisingly adult.

  1. T + A criterion TS 400
  2. Data sheet

The low-midrange driver of the small box measures just 15 centimeters, and yet expect him T + A-developer to a lower limiting frequency of 45 Hertz. To address that, he needs high power, large linear stroke and thus a stable oscillation surface. T + A the special sandwich-cone of fiber material and paint its color names for easy Greycone. But not it drops the Viewer as the first in the eye, but the characteristic slots which should not cause confusion with similar looking Scanspeak chassis. T + A literally cuts the diaphragm then with a special adhesive to put back together it – thus results a heterogeneous structure, which is designed to prevent partial coloration and around stray waves on the membrane from the outset. Continue reading “T + A Criterion TS 400”

Denon DRA-700 AE

With favorable two-channel devices, many coup succeeded Denon. Follow with the stereo receiver DRA-700 AE the next?

  1. Denon DRA-700 AE
  2. Data sheet

The DRA-700 AE a stereo receiver to the predatory pricing of 410 euros is (available for 110 euros more with DAB-tuner). As regards appearance and features, convinced the Denon all along the line: frosted, solid aluminium front, neatly crafted buttons, switches, terminals.

Much, much in it

The equipment leaves nothing to be desired. The tuner section has all the important features of its big brother TU-1500 AE, so a RDS system (that in the two-line dot-matrix display sender, title and artist name informed) as well as memory locations for at least 56 FM/MW channels – what always sufficient for the personal favorite channels. Continue reading “Denon DRA-700 AE”


A classic among the affordable CD players will be replaced: from the NAD C 521 BEE is the C 525 BEE.

  1. NAD C 525 BEE
  2. Data sheet

The announcement of a successor for “to be” model can make a Hi-Fi fan who has bought just a CD player, already nervous: the just-purchased player overnight has been deprecated? A technological revolution occurred just a few weeks after it had decided to purchase? Owner of the NAD C 521 BEE (90 points) can soothe AUDIO anyway. Price, for example, nothing has happened to the new C 525 BEE. 400 euro was and is the price for the smallest player of brand. And sensational Technical novelties. Less sensational news can not find. Continue reading “NAD C 525 BEE”

Krell Evolution 900

Sometimes it must be just guts. If real dynamism is required and a speaker craves power, Mono amplifiers in the game come.

  1. Krell evolution 900
  2. Data sheet

The Evo 900 (EUR 48000) are currently the strongest offering Krell at all. Hierarchically the four-part model perched although evolution 1 Moreover, the top product offered for proud 49000 EUR not but puts it on the level of performance of the two parter.

Who needs the power?

The AUDIO Panel attracted a neutral speaker ever, the revel Performa F-52, for the first listening passages. An incorruptible converter, which proved an excellent companion in many tests. Continue reading “Krell Evolution 900”

Turntable Pro-Ject Debut III

Amazingly, what is possible in fun, dynamic and clean with the 230-euro debut III.

  1. Turntable Pro-Ject Debut III
  2. Data sheet

Small slip-ups occur in the best families. So, also the test specimen of the Pro-Ject ran not so easy like its drive technically identical predecessor debut III. A small pinch of the typical 100-Hertz synchronous motor hum is OK, but average vinyl noise and no later than the music should cover these drive influences.

If you think you have caught an excessively vibrating motor, make a comparison at the dealer, but you remain realistic: crypt black silence no 230-euro player can produce. Amazingly enough, what is possible in fun, dynamic and clean with the debut III. If the standard, somewhat anemic indefinitely Ortofon once down is ridden OM 5 S, the new, significantly more rigid arm of the debut III justifies even moderate system upgrades, with a juicy Goldring MM. Continue reading “Turntable Pro-Ject Debut III”