Transform a Classic Dress in one Party

This time they are going to teach how transform a classic dress in one party, so read this post carefully.

So you classic dress can transform it into an elegant dress for berries super sexy to a party.

So you can achieve this transformation in his classic dress you must add accessories and combine perfectly with makeup.

You must also use beautiful shoes and hairstyle should be according to the season in which the Festival is held, according to this Internet blog.

If the dress is already heavily loaded, the ideal is to opt for rather simple shoes. On the other hand, if your dress is simple, choose a more elaborate shoes.

To transform a classic one prom dress, the ideal is to use it with a jacket or a bag. For example; You can use the dress with a velveteen bag.

If you are using stockings with glitter it will bring much elegance to your dress and if you use some socks or leggigs give originality to dress.

If don’t you fear scissors and needle can pick you your dress bass, so will notice you a more festive touch.

If you have at home a dress with some flight also you can dare to adjust it to your body, to achieve an effect more sexy.

Ora simpler option is to decorate some of parts of the garment with beads or ornaments. You can sew a fabric tape of a striking color in the cleavage or dress bass.

If you’re more daring added figures of fabric or felt by the lower part of the garment, even if you have time you can add beads as colored balls, sequins in various parts of the dress.

To transform your dresses classic in a party, you can also use a little you dress on the edge of the dress you will also be perfect

To your dress also can add a belt, so you will be able to completely change the style of your dress.

I recommend that you use a wide belt of striking color so that you can give a modern touch to your dress.

S i use a belt with silver or gilded details will help make your dress look really elegant.

You can even use a handkerchief conveniently attached to the back can transform a classic dress.

Shoes you can also help you transform a classic dress in an elegant party dress.

For example; with platform Sandals to give him your dress a touch of pineapple and if you use black boots will have a rocker appearance.

And don’t forget to combine them with a bag to fire with the occasion. For example; a portfolio of hand for a special occasion.


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