Shabby Chic Style Wall Clock

Every woman is a princess, but only in a romantic house, furnished with love, care and dedication can become in effect. To crown this little dream there is no need, of course, a series of charming furnishings that help to create a fairytale atmosphere: among them are the elegant clocks shabby chic of our site selection. Find out more!

Wall clocks shabby chic: timeless details

How nice to come home and feel at home in their own little kingdom! Here everything speaks of you, of your rich inner world, your loved ones and loving attention that confidential details and details that would escape to the most. There’s that old chest that you have received as a gift from her grandmother and embellished with a fine work of decoupage, there the delicious vintage writing on the flap which are usual writing your most secret thoughts: because for the incurable romantic like you hold a diary is never out of fashion. Maybe in the dim light of a lampshade in white wrought iron shaped oil lamp, like those who accompanied and inspired the poets of the past in the composition of verse passionately romantic. Nothing, in short, is left to chance. And few environments are suitable, such as yours, to accommodate fine furnishings such as wall clocks from shabby chic.

Wall clocks shabby chic: romantic accessories

In pickled wood or in white wrought iron, from the shabby chic wall clocks will always infuse your interior a touch of unsurpassed elegance. Even the beautiful burnished metal models with vintage effect, excellent atmosphere to give life to that found perfectly romance and nostalgia of times ever lived. Suggestive, then watches from shabby chic wall made ​​from wooden boards and white pickled decorated with decoupage applications. The lovers of Parisian atmosphere cannot escape the magic of the wall-mounted version, similar to the clocks of the great stations nineteenth century. Wonderful for a kitchen watches from shabby chic wall with prints of roosters, hens and rabbits; those with floral motifs, however, will be perfect not only in the interior, but also under a porch, perhaps on a bench in wicker or wrought iron. Be inspired by our site and discover the chic shabby wall clocks that best reflect your taste!


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