Perfect Sweater Styles for Body Type

Like any other garment, sweater and we repeat the same rule – “dial me as yourself!” We do not know about you, but we are deprived of the beautiful presence of sweatshirts, jackets and sweaters for the simple reason that we bought them on impulse without actually determine whether we stay well. Here’s the link between the shape of the torso and warm coat that lures you with its modern design.

Ladies, type hourglass should be grateful to their mothers! Do you figure that it is right to emphasize, so let broad and shaggy sweaters aside. Polo and high collars focus on beautiful shapely shoulders and bust. You can afford blouses with applique or other types of accessories around the waist.

Ladies, type pear should emphasize the bust and shoulders to create a beautiful balance between the upper and lower torso. Broad and deep necklines are a great choice and very current necklines to one side. Wear pads, wider sleeves, bright colors to accentuate the face, neck, bust and waist.

Ladies, type apple should avoid too short blouses. Search length – sweaters to mid-thighs are a good choice. Draws attention to the bust using a scaphoid and V-shaped necklines. Too broad blouses are not for you, because they make “even more Ballheads.”

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